Monday, August 3, 2009

Where did everyone go?

After Wallowa, everyone had to go back to their own homes for awhile. So for a week, it was just me, Grandma, Grandpa, Taz and Cynjyn. We were able to have a few little adventures on our own. D & B (the local cowboy store) was having a sale, so Grandma took T and C to get Taz a cowboy outfit for his birthday (Aug. 15 is the actual day, but they were having a sale). Cynjyn ended up with a cute cowgirl shirt, and Taz got a shirt and cowboy boots. Here she is posing with her hat from the Snake River Stampede.

Taz loved his shirt and boots, but he wanted a black cowboy hat. We made him pose with Ella's hat from the stampede, then the next day, Grandma bought him a black cowboy hat and he was much happier!!

They got their new outfits just in time to be cowboys!! One of Uncle Reed's cows that grandpa was housing here had a calf. The kids needed to help grandpa catch it and tag it's ear before it got too big to catch and hold, so they headed out to the pasture...

Grandpa grabbed the calf and layed it down. He told Taz to sit on it while he tagged it. Well, calves are quite strong and as soon as grandpa let go and started getting the tagging stuff out, that little calf kicked Taz in the leg and jumped right up and Taz was off. Luckily, Grandpa quickly grabbed his leg and held him down while I got the tagging equipment loaded. Taz wanted nothing to do with helping anymore and I couldn't take pictures anymore because my hands were full, but the mother cow was not happy with what was happening with her calf and she had her nose right in Grandpa's face and was snorting and mooing. This is the main reason Taz wasn't wanting to help anymore.
Needless to say, we got the calf tagged and he went happily back to his mother and all was well.
Grandpa then recorded the birth and hooked up the calf to his mother on the official Cow recording system. I had to take a picture of this for posterity's sake because it is just so funny that this official recording is a sheet of paper that he keeps in his wallet.

You'd think that in the day and age of computers that the record keeping would be a little more modern, BUT, this is that way it's always been done!! My grandpa had a similar system on him at all times plus a hunting record of who killed what and when and where. I suppose this is only funny to family who knows the story!!

One evening, we took a KFC picnic to Catherine Creek. The yellow jackets were awful and we had to fight for our food with them. After dinner, we let the kids play in the creek until the temp. dropped and it started getting dark and then the mosquitoes were out in full force and Taz got 7 bites on the back of his neck in a matter of seconds.

But until then, the kids loved playing in the creek.

Cynjyn has always loved rocks! I'm surprised there were any left in the creek after she was done, this is what she took home to study more carefully with Grandma's magnifying glass. After we packed up, we drove up the road aways to the meadows to spot deer. We say several groups, a badger and some type of critter out in the field we think was either a coyote or a big bird of some sort. Since everyone spotted a deer, Grandpa took up to DQ for an ice cream treat when we got back into town! It was a fun evening.

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gwen said...

Our adventures were fun, and it was kind of nice to spend some quiet time, too, after all of the good times we've had lately! We try to have an adventure of some kind every day!

kc and k said...

That is so funny to me, but I guess I don't really count since I'm family. The kids look great in their outfits.

Krissy T. said...

Way to document for posterity the high tech cow data system!