Thursday, August 27, 2009

Training Session

Taz has started flag football practice. He is quarterbacking for the team. He has never done this before, but even though he can't throw the farthest, he is the most accurate. They also did a drill where they are running against one another to see who is the fastest. Taz is a very fast distant runner, but he wasn't the fastest sprinter on the team. So Garry has decided to work with him to attempt to make him faster. Last night was their first training session. Here is their workout gear. A hiking backpack and a rope.

Talon has been sick (a cold), and was going to go to the gym, but decided to stay and work out with the football trainers.

They only run about 40 yards, but apparently, it's very hard work. My job was to just take pictures and video, so they could analyze their form.

These were some of the videos that we took (we being Tanner and I, he refused to participate, which is a good thing I guess, because it almost gave Taz an asthma attack and he doesn't even have asthma!!):



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Carol said...

Did anyone call the police about that guy trying to harness that kid like a horse? This was too funny! :O)

gwen said...

Wow! Glad I wasn't "in training"! Keep up the good work--but don't break his back!

gwen said...

Krissy updated her blog--why isn't it showing at the top of your list?

Ron said...

Nice dad! OR, he can pull a few tractor tires. Might way more than Garry. :)

Heaven said...
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kc and k said...

Good luck with the training, Taz! It's nice to see Talon in a post. I've been missing him since we didn't see him at all during the summer.

gwen said...

I agree, seeing the pictures of Tallon made me realize how much I miss him!