Monday, April 26, 2010

The garage is coming right along:

Cynjyn had a blast playing in the little alcove. She wants to keep it empty for her "stage", but that isn't going to happen.
After ragball, Cynjyn and I went to the shoe store while Garry got the wood at Home Depot to start the half wall for the garage. We got matching shoes. Cynjyn was really excited about it. I was happy that they had them in wide width!!

In our cleaning out of the garage, we found the dehydrator. Cynjyn was dying to dry something, so Saturday we bought some bananas and they dried them. They were eaten and gone by Sunday night!!

All day Saturday, we spent on the garage. We started about 10:30 and were done by 9:00 that night!! Here's the work station.

The helpers

The main laborer

Cynjyn left about 1:00 to go to Becca's, Taz lasted until about 2:30 when Josh came over. Tanner slept until 3:30!! He said Friday night to NOT wake him up even if Hunter called because he hadn't been able to sleep in all month, so he wasn't much of a helper. He did help cut the dry wall, but Hunter was over, so I didn't get any pictures of him.

The frame is done, here comes the drywall.

Dry wall all screwed in.

The mudding begins.

All done inside view;

Outside view.

Poor Taz, he is attached to his "blankie" and his scooby-doo pillow. Well, they are both on their last legs. He was determined to sew them though. Last week in FHE, I had talked about how Pres. Hinkley had to fix the rips in his school socks. Taz had been wondering ever since then about hand sewing. So he was determined to fix his pillow by hand sewing. I showed him how and he sat there for over an hour while we were watching DVR's Lost episodes and fixed his pillow.

He did a great job and was very proud of himself when it was all done.

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Carol said...

Cute sandals! What's the main purpose of the new wall?

gwen said...

I am excited about your garage project, and can't wait to see the finished project! Sandals are very modern and cute, and Taz has learned a skill that will help him over and over again! (D W had to take his blankie into the Marines with him!!)

Ron said...

I'm envious of that table saw... I'm with with Carol @ the wall??

Krissy T. said...

Can't wait to see the finished product!

kc and k said...

Love the sandals! I want some. I'm anxious to see what the end result will be with the garage?? How exciting!