Friday, April 2, 2010

It's Spring Vacation!

We started out our spring break last Friday. Garry had to go to an overnight campout for scout training, so I took the kids to BJ's for dinner, then Tanner had to go babysit and the rest of us had a Twilight New Moon marathon. We got in our PJ's and veged on the couch all night. Tanner came home just as we were starting NM, so he got to see that with us. Taz, conked out before NM was over at 10:30, so he didn't make it all the way through, but finished it the next morning.

Saturday, we actually got Cynjyn to play a game with us. She is warming up to game playing and we enjoyed a rousing game of LIFE.

Sunday, they rediscovered Twister and so I was the caller and they played about 4 games. That kids and I watched The Sound of Music. We forgot it was such a long movie and it got over about 10:30. But it was fine because...No school the next day!!

Monday morning, I made my homemade cracked wheat pancakes that everyone loves!

Later that day I made Tanner some Tapioca pudding since it's his favorite. Cynjyn thought it was so funny that I had my book propped up on a pot and was reading while stirring. She wanted to take a picture, so I said fine!

Cynjyn wanted to go to a "museum", so Monday I took her friend and her and the boys to the Bass Pro shops and we enjoyed looking around. We got there just as they were feeding the sting rays in the big aquarium, so that was fun to watch.

I got new glasses at my last eye appointment and they were in this week. I really like how they look on me, but they are bifocals, so that is taking a little getting used to. Doesn't my bloody eye look a lot better?!

My plan all week was to prank the kids for April Fool's day by create papering them in their rooms. Well, that was foiled because Taz spent the night at Jaden's and Cynjyn spent the night at Becca's. Cynjn got home early and so I told her my idea and she wanted to do it. Talon was already at work, so Tanner was the victim. We were trying so hard to be quiet!

Cynj made a nice note to explain our efforts.

She knocked on his door and ran and I was there ready with the camera to catch his look of bewilderment as he experieced his opening of his door!!

Then Cynjyn and I were off to Joanne Wikle's for a day of sewing. I had seen my friend Chris had made purses with her 11 year old twins, so I thought it would be something fun for C to do. She also has a link to the instructions on her blog. This was C first time sewing and I pinned the pattern on and she helped cut a little, Joanne and I would pin everything and she did all the sewing. She really enjoyed it.

She got a little bored as we tried to figure out some of the pattern instuctions.

But she was really thrilled with how the purse turned out. It is made out of two fat quarters and she picked out her own material.

It looks kind of Halloweenish, but we think it's very stylin'!!
Needless to say, we have had a very enjoyable Spring vacation and I am sorry to see the end in sight. We worked on the garage some more also this week and we are planning on painting it tomorrow as we listen to General Conference. As usual, I will take and post pictures as that happens.

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Krissy T. said...

Sounds like you did what we did for Spring Break--just laid low and did some fun things at home. Love the purse! Make me one, Cynj (I have no patience for sewing)!

Carol said...

I never really thought of the Bass Pro Shop as being a "museum" but it looks like it was fun. Nice glasses, but the eye thing has sure taken a long time to heal!

Rob, Jodi, and Trey said...

your glasses u picked out make you look younger. I love the glasses gwen got. I think your mom looks 20 yrs yonger:)love the sewing project. Few of my daycare kids are sewing a quilt we are almost finished:) they would love cynjyn's purse.I will show them mon.

Ron said...

You guys can have fun, nice spring break.

chris jenkins said...

cynjyn's purse turned out really cute!