Friday, April 16, 2010

What a week!

Garry had to go to SLC for business. He left Sunday night and wouldn't return until Wed. evening. I didn't care because my mom and dad were coming up to surprise Tanner!! He had three volleyball games this week and they made a quick trip up to watch him. I had told Talon and Cynjyn, but they were able to surprise Tanner and Taz. Taz came home from school on Monday (Gma and Gpa got here about 10 min. before he came.) Grandma was hiding behind the door and when he walked in, she yelled "surprise!!" He ran and gave her a huge hug. It was touching to watch, he was so happy. Then we went to Tanner's game. He saw us come in and he said he about had a heart attack and was very nervous then to "play good" for them. He did great. I love how supportive my parents are to their grand kids and that they make an effort to travel for 14 hours just to come watch them in their activities!! Anyway, all that led up to a fun and busy week. Here is Tanner with the rest of his dress ups for spirit week.

Rock star day. Luckily, he had his Halloween costume to draw on for that one.
He also had the talent of Talon who gave him a tattoo. No, none of us, including Tanner, have any idea who Lexi is. We wanted a short name and he NEEDED it to be someone he isn't friends with.

Here he is for sports jersey day. He wore Garry's Max Hall jersey, but he ended up leaving the crazy BYU hat in the car as he lost his nerve to wear that all day.

Tanner had games on M, W and TH. In the midst of it all, on Tues. he had his Eagle Scout Board of Review. I took him to that clear down in Henderson while Grandma and Grandpa took Taz and Cynjyn to the movie "How to Train your Dragon" By the way, they ALL loved the movie and said it was really good.
I had never seen Tanner so nervous. He went into the interview and when he came out, he told me his legs and arms were shaking so bad, he thought he was going to pass out and throw up. But, he passed and he's now an official Eagle Scout!! Yahoo, two down, one to go;)

Granpa wanted to get the kids going on some more of their $.50 piece coin collection, so he helped Taz put his originals in his book.

A few days later, he bought 10 rolls of $.50 pieces and we all sat around the table happily finding and adding to the kids collection. They all had a helper who would look at their checklist as they read off the dates on their coins to see if they already had it or not. It was cool and fun to add to the collections!

After we were done, Cynjyn said she needed some meditating time. So she turned off the light in the living roof and lit some candles and put some cushions on the floor and her and he best friend Eeyore meditated.

Pretty soon Mowgli joined them. C got up for a minute and he'd stolen her cushion, so she decided to "train' Mowgli and Eeyore how to meditate. It was adorable to watch it all unfold. We had a great time with our company and were very sad that it all had to end so soon. They left today because they had to be back to Boise by tomorrow for a Family History seminar. Such a great week!

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Carol said...

What great parents you have! Looks like it was a great time for all of you.

Ron said...

That is super-grandparents. Congrats on the Eagle Scout!

Krissy T. said...

Sounds like a fun week! Good job Tanner on finishing the eagle! Love Cynjyn's meditation--does she want to borrow my meditation stuff, lol?

gwen said...

hey this is ella i am sad i didnt come see u guys! it looked like u guys had fun without me :( just kidding!!!tell everyone i said hi and i love u!!!!! wish i could have meditated with cynj and them. i guess i will see u this summer! looking forward to it! bye!!!!

gwen said...

We had a great time--thanks for everything! We think we stayed just long enough not to "bore" you all! It was fun to see everyone and to support Tanner in his VB efforts and for his Board of review! Love you all!