Friday, April 23, 2010


So here's our week in pictures. I got a call from Tanner yesterday saying he split his chin open at practice. I talked to the trainer and he said it was borderline if he needed stitches or not. He said if it was his kid, he'd just super glue it. But he'd let me decided. Always wanting to avoid a trip to an urgent care, we opted for the butterfly band-aid thing. Tanner didn't want super glue. It's not that noticable a place if it scars, right!!
He also got the hip burn,

and the knee burn for his efforts.

Tomorrow is Garry's bday so I've been working on a little book for him.

I tried to pick manly colors and patterns.

I titled it: 45 reasons I love you! He's turning 45 so I thought that would be appropiate.

Taz earned his tenderfoot!!

Mowgli, as usual is always in the most precarious positions and loves every minute of it!!

Ragball started and Taz played last week. Cynjyn opted to sleep over at Becca's. But she went to practice this week and so she's going to play tomorrow.

We got the second half of the garage painted and the floor all done.

We will be moving all the stuff tonight after Tanner's vball game and then tomorrow, we'll start work on the half wall. It's all starting to come together, and we're all excited to get it done!

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Carol said...

Scar's make guys look tougher anyway...don't they? Sometimes using a butterfly leaves less scars than stitches. "Ow" on the hip and knee burns! Cute book for Garry. Congratulations, Taz! Painting the garage? I can't even get ambitious enough to finish painting the bathroom I started!

Ron said...

Yup, scars add character, I've got several and.... Garage floor looks great.

Krissy T. said...

Can't wait to see the final product on the garage! Poor Tanner. He is turning out to be your most scarred child! I have a scar on my chin and you are right it isn't very noticeable.

gwen said...

Yikes, i forgot to leave Garry's BD check when we were there--it's on it's way today!! Happy BD, Garry! He'll have to leave the book on his desk at work :) Battle scars are good--they show you participated!! Garage looks good. THe first thing everyone asks me is , "is it going to be airconditoned?" I'll let you answer that. Good job, TAZ!