Friday, May 28, 2010

Books and goodies

It all started with a contest I won. I love Stacey Julian. She is a bigwig in the scrapbooking industry and I just love her approach to scrapbooking. I look at her blog all the time. I also enter almost every contest she has. Well, I actually won one. I didn't even know it until I got an email from Color Inc telling me how to redeem my prize. I have lost so often, that I never checked back when she announced the winners, but here is the proof I won!
This also give info on Color Inc and how to make your own book if you want. So I stayed true to my comment and made an "I can read" book for my nephew Beckham. His birthday was in April and I had wanted to do this for a long time, but couldn't quite put it together myself.
I can't wait to give it to him when he comes in a month to visit.

About a month ago, I got my blog from 2009 turned into a book. It is huge!

This book has made the rounds in the family. Everyone has loved looking at it. Talon kept it in his room for a good week and it stayed on the ottoman for a good month. I am so glad I blog and so glad I print them out into books with a years worth of my personal family history. If you're considering doing it, do it. Don't wait, they are worth the money!

I made these yummy treats for game night last week and my recital. They disappear quickly!

I know I'm behind the times, but we tried quinoa last night. It is a healthy grain that Garry heard about in the Friend about 8 months ago. I bought some and it's just been sitting in the cupboard. Well, last night I needed a side dish with our steak and so I sauteed some onion and mushroom and garlic with it and it turned out pretty good.

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Carol said...

I love my journal/blog books! How fun to win something, especially as nice as that book. I've never heard of quinoa--gonna have to check it out.

gwen said...

I want you to show me how to do a book this summer! The one for Beckham looks adorable! What a way to keep family history. Everyone at TOPS was raving about quinoa and saying it is so good for you!

kc and k said...

Can't wait to see that book! Will you move here and become my personal chef, please. Everything looks yummy.

Ron said...

Neat to win something, anything... I'm with Carol, never heard of quinoa.