Thursday, May 27, 2010


Last night I was folding a load of laundry while watching Minute to Win it. When I took them out of the dryer, I found Garry's check stub from work all crumpled amongst the clothes. Luckily, he does direct deposit and so it wasn't really that big of a loss. So, he starts helping me fold clothes and he's folding a pair of his shorts and I hear "Oh crap". I say what and he pulls the Checkbook and ledger out of his shorts. They look like this: He had taken it to Tanner's summer volleyball tryouts to pay the fee for the travel team and forgot to take it out of his pocket!! Now, it just so happens that our credit union got bought out and is switching over THIS weekend and we are getting new account numbers and new checks and the whole shebang, BUT, it will be very difficult to BALANCE my check book without a readable ledger!!

Cynjyn got her hair cut after school yesterday. She loves it!! I think it's a good look for her too.
Tuesday, Garry had the scouts over to do the swimming and livesaving merit badge and this was Taz's audience as he attemted to take off his shirt and pants, blow air into them and float across the pool. Amanda (Tanner's "friend" had come over to get help with science and ended up staying for dinner and I took them both to mutual when we went). Cynjyn stayed here to swim and Tiffany and Talon came out to enjoy the nice weather. Taz didn't appreciate all the yells of help as he attempted his feat!

Talon is on a get in shape kick and has PX90. He's had it for awhile, but he's just now getting into it. His friend at work put him on a CRaZy diet where he has to eat something like 4000 calories a day and one day loads up on protein, the next on carbs and he can't have fruit. So, he was buying his own food. Here he is with Garry putting up the "chinup bar" above the garage door which has become his workout room.

He cooked up a huge steak and was eating it to load up on his protein. The plate was piled with steak, this is towards the end of his and Tiffany's eating spree. Luckily for all of us, he has done away with the diet and has decided to eat more sensibly, but last night while doing PX90, he came running in and threw up in the bathroom because the workout was too intense. Oh, he would make a good contestant on "The Biggest Loser"!! They love that throwup drama!!

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kc and k said...

I know a lot of people that have found success with the PX90. I'll have to do it with him my next visit because I've been interested in getting some myself. That diet did sound too crazy, so I'm glad he's off that. Cute hair, Cynjyn. Good swimming, Taz. It looked like gorgeous weather from the pictures. I'm jealous with all the cold, windy and rainy weather we've been getting.

Krissy T. said...

Cute hair, Cynj! Gee, can I bring my scouts to your pool to pass off our requirements? Picturing Talon doing that workout and puking made me laugh (Sorry Talon). I've heard that is a killer workout. I agree with Ky that the diet sounded crazy!

Carol said...

The whole checkbook in the wash? Too funny! Good one Garry!

Love the haircut, Cynjyn!

PX90 is really popular in my office and I've seen their success. Throwing-up is actually kind of common..or so I hear from my friend, Jayke, who shared that info with me after he threw-up.

Ron said...

Wow,reading yer blog jarred my memory of physical training and upchucking while in the Army. :-/