Friday, May 14, 2010

I can feel the grey increasing!

Last Saturday, I took Tanner to the DMV to get his permit. He failed the test, so we were in and out in 20 min. Today was our first chance to go back and retake the test. We got there at 2:00 pm and walked out the door with a new official Nevada driver at 5:00pm. Here is Tanner waiting...and waiting...and waiting...I told him to bring a book or homework or something, but no, he didn't.

Here he is driving home happy as a clam,
until he noticed I was taking his picture when he yelled: "Mom, don't distract me!!"

He has to carry this big ole piece of paper around with him until they mail the official card in 7-10 greys, er I mean days. I did survive the ride home. It still amazes me how one minute he's illegal and then because of a little piece of paper he can drive. I made him go surface streets and luckily, he's only really ever drove Grandpa's big farm truck, so he didn't do too bad driving the big Suburban. When we got home, he said: "Wow, there sure is a lot to think about and pay attention to when driving". Ya think?? We also bought him a new car yesterday even though he won't be driving on his own till November. I'll save that post for later. I've got to get a few picutres for that.

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gwen said...

Wow, a driver's permit and a new car all in the same week? Wow, go, Tanner. I know he'll be a safe driver, but LV would be a scarey place to teach someone to drive!

Krissy T. said...

I finally decided to switch my Oregon license to an Idaho one a few weeks ago, thinking it would just be filling out the paperwork. Of course once I got there they told me I'd have to take the test. I failed, and I've been driving for 16 years! Eventually I passed though, and now I'm legal. Congrats Tanner!

Carol said...

Andrea failed her first time--she couldn't figure out why the testing guy was freaking out. He said she almost killed him. She said there was PLENTY of time for her to pull out in front of the big truck. :O) Congratulations, Tanner! I'll need to know what kind of car you have so I can watch out for you.