Monday, May 24, 2010

Cynjyn's turn finally!

Cynjyn has sat by numerous times while her brothers have had friends parties. I asked her if she wanted to have an end of year bash and she quickly said "YES!" So last Friday, she had 7 friends come over. She'd invited 9, but two couldn't come. We partied from 6-9 and she had 2 friends from school, 4 from church and one neighbor. It was a good mix and everyone had a blast. We started out with a light dinner which Cynjyn picked out the menu. She was adamant about having finger sandwiches, crackers and cheese and a relish tray. I made PB&J and three layer ham and cheese sandwiches. We added pepperoni to the cheese and cracker tray and had pickles, olives and carrots for the relish tray. They drank soda.

After dinner, we took them to the park and Cynjyn wanted to play tag, so they did that while Garry and Tanner set up an obstacle course.

It was so windy that night!!

While they were waiting for Tanner and Garry, I made them divide into teams and come up with a team name and a team cheer. Cynjyn's team was the warriors. It was her and Kayla, Alexis and Autumn.

Bethany, Maggie, Tommie and Danielle were the Tigers. They did such a cute job and I got their cheers on video.

Here they are ready for the course. Maggie, Bethany, Danielle, Cynjyn, Tommie, Alexis, Autumn and Kayla.

We came back home and they played Mafia and Murder in the Dark, then we had a Sundae bar. I had put little cocktail umbrellas in their ice cream just for fun and they had SO MUCH fun with those. Most put a lot of goo on their ice cream and then didn't touch it.

Taz and Jaden were banned to the game room, but we let them surface to add toppings to their ice cream.

We ended up putting the box of umbrella's on the table and let them go at it. There were 144 and by the time they all left, there were only about 6 umbrella's left. As you can see, they were put to good use! If you want a cheap way to entertain kids, buy a $4.00 box of umbrellas and let them go at it!!

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Krissy T. said...

Looks like a fun girl's night!

Ron said...

what a great experience you allowed them to have!!

gwen said...

You always go the extra mile! Most mom's would have said, "have fun, and don't wreck the place" I'm glad she could have her party. so, is school out?

Carol said...

You are such a fun mom! Looks like a great time for those cute girls.