Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tanner's car

We had been looking for a car for Tanner for awhile now. We had cash saved so we could by the car when we found the perfect deal. We'd been concentrating on trucks because we've wanted one for a long time. The are pretty expensive though and so we figured we'd start looking now. All of a sudden, Tiffany decides she wants a new car. Actually, she's wanted one for awhile, but we are just hearing about it. She wants Garry to go with her to negotiate and she wants a VW Jetta, 2010. So she informs us that she's just going to trade in her car or maybe try to sell it. Garry, being who he is, does a bunch of research and her trade in value for her Toyota is only $3800. Blue Book is $5500. So we talk about it and decide she'd get a better deal if we buy it. She thinks she only has around $4400 left to pay it off. So, her and Talon have already test drove the Jetta she wants. Wednesday, her, Talon and Garry go to do the bartering. They get $3000 marked off the sticker price and get her 2.5% financing. Turns out, her Toyota financing was 16%, she got a terrible deal on that. Plus she has $5100 left to pay it off. So Garry and I pay if off and we'll give her an additional $400. She got her car Thursday morning and we got Tanner's. Here they are: Tiff's Jetta
Tanner's Matrix

Tanner happy with his new (to him, actually a 2004) Matrix.

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gwen said...

Sweet deal all the way around, but especially for Tanner!! Tiffany's car is just like Krissy's! Did she get the job she wanted?

Carol said...

Nice! Jason loved his Matrix before his now ex-friend (on drugs, drunk, and sleepy--things Tanner will never do, right Tanner!) rolled it and totalled it. We were amazed at how well the Matrix protected his ex-friend (he only had a few scratches) with so much damage done to the car. Great choice of a car for safety and it looks nice!

Krissy T. said...

Sounds like a good deal for everyone! Tiffany has my car (at least it looks that way in the picture). Is it dark blue? A TDI? Tanner should like that!

Ron said...

I love a happy ending to the story which also serves to remind us how those auto sales businesses are multi-million dollar showrooms and buildings!

kc and k said...

16% to 2.5% Nice job, Garry.
They'll both look great zipping around in their new cars.