Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This n that

Yesterday, my big project of the day was to clean out our closet. I can't believe I forgot to take before pictures, but if you remember my piles of shame post, that is kind of the before. Plus, the main people who read my blog are family and most of them have seen the before!! Here is the closet after. I worked hard for about 2 hours and then was done. We can at least walk into it better and have a little room to get dressed.

Sunday morning I woke up to find this in the kitchen sink. Cynjyn LOVES her bath time and apparently that has rubbed off on Barbie too.

We are in the throes of Spirit Week at Silverado High school. It is Disney week. The first day was Sleeping Beauty, which was basically Pajama day and I forget to get a picture of Tanner in his regular, boring grey pj's. The next day was Disney hat day and low and behold, we just happened to have a brand spanking new Mad Hatter Hat for him to wear!

Thursday will be twin day and Amanda texted him and asked if he wanted to be her twin, he said yes, so they went to WM yesterday and bought supplies and spent all afternoon and evening (Amanda and I took a break and went to YW's there was no YM's) and I finally took her home at 10:00 when the matching shirts were done and drying!
They ironed on the words: My twin Amanda, My twin Tanner on the backs of the shirts. Then they layed them together and put on a giant star with puff paint.

After mutual, they took them outside and splatter painted them.

They added a few twinkles with colored puff paint, and wrote "Amazing stars" on the front. Now they are happily drying here waiting for Thursday!

Today is Disney Pirate day, so of course Jack Sparrow was calling Tanner's name!!

He didn't want to do the famous eyes because the face paint bother's his face during the day, so he opted for the more famous look.

I think he could pass as Jack Sparrow's stunt double!! What do you think?
Last night, we made glitter temples at YW's. It was fun and I LOVE me some sparkle!!

I think I'll frame it and give it to Cynjyn for her room.

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kc and k said...

The things you can fit into your closet is amazing! I love spirit week. All of his costumes are wonderful and how fun to have a twin. Your temple looks cute and so sparkly!

gwen said...

You can get more in your closet than most people have in several rooms! Good Job! I love the twins shirts! I'm glad Tanner has a fun friend like Amanda! His Jack Sparrow is awesome!! He is very handsome, and I agree, could be a double (but a little too tall for JD) I like the temple. I'm glad TAnner gets into spirit week--memories last forever!

Carol said...

I hate cleaning my closet, so once again you've impressed me with your energy. And your talent for crafts. And your cute kids.