Saturday, January 23, 2016

Big Al's

December 22, 2015: We had an adventure one day at the bowling alley in Boise. Ky had taken her boys and Grandma and Grandpa there and they had some pretty good deals.  So we spent the morning there.  It was very cutely decorated for Christmas.
Ky, Kris, Talon, Taz, Cynjyn, Beckham and Kres bowled. 
With help from Annalyn of course.

She was hungry, so we found a lemon at the bar and she chomped on that for a good 15 minutes. 
Friendly competition.
We all ordered food and it was massive.

Plenty for everyone.

It was a fun morning. 

Our bowling deal got us 5 $ token cards to be spent at the arcade upstairs.  Talon played Deal or No Deal and got the 200 ticket jackpot!
His cousins were thrilled because they got his tickets, Talon got the thrill of was a win win situation.
Everyone loved the arcade.
After the bowling, Grandma and Grandpa too Kres, Beckham and Annalyn home and the rest of us went to Star Wars the Force Awakens.  Except Krissy and Cynjyn, they went to Mockingjay 2.

It was an epic fun day.

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Gwen Waite said...

You have to love Big Al's! It is a great family fun place!!