Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The big night, the big day

December 24-25, 2015 We did Christmas Eve//Day at Krissy's house.  We had our Christmas Eve dinner of yumminess: Chicken Satay and peanut sauce, lil smokies, bean dip, cheese and crackers, deviled eggs, veggie dip and nachos. 

I wanted a few pictures before we started the evening. 

Ky was in charge of games for the night.  She did a great job!  She had premade the teams and so this was team number 1: Grandpa, Clay, Krissy, Garry, Cynjyn, and Beckham.
Team number 2: Talon, Kres, Grandma, me, Ky, Taz and Annalyn (they came as a pair since Annalyn was obsessed with Taz and wanted to be with him every minute.)
Our first game was based on a game Jimmy Fallon plays about a box and lying.  One person was given a box with unusual things in it and they told the other person what was in the box.  That other person guessed if they were lying or telling the truth. 

Then we played a game where a team mate held a little NERF basketball hoop on their forehead and the teammate across from them had to throw it in and get a basket, you did this to all the team members and the team that accomplished this the quickest won.  Sadly, I didn't snap any pictures of this,  I was to busy playing it.  Then we played Family Feud.  We buzzed in and shook hands and everything.  That was fun!  Then we did the traditional gift game where you draw a number and pick a gift to unwrap or steal.  There was some trading at the end of the game and everyone pretty much got what they wanted.  Sadly, no picture of that either. But Tanner was in Las Vegas with Robert Jodi and Trey and they did the same game.  Jodi was taking pictures of their adventures for me and snapped this one of Tanner.  He got Kingsmen DVD for his gift!

Ky's family spent the night in Brian and Krissy's trailer and so after all the fun, it was time to get everyone settled for the night.  I helped Beckham prepare a plate for Santa and the reindeer and we put it by the fireplace.  See, there is the bb hoop in the background!

We didn't get to bed until after midnight.  Apparently Kres was so excited that he was up at 3:30 and couldn't go back to sleep.  The night before, he had sorted all his presents into one spot and had even picked out what order he was going to open them in.  We forgot to bring stockings up, so Santa found some chairs and pushed them together and filled our chairs with goodies to greet us when we woke up. 

After breakfast (biscuits and gravy per request from my kids) we gathered to let the mayhem begin.
We went around one by one with the kids opening presents one at a time in birth order starting with Annalyn and ending with Talon.
Talon had already got a lap top for bday/Christmas so he only had a couple of gifts to open and to make it worse, the gifts from grandma and grandpa had not yet arrived. 

Talon had wanted some trivia games especially from the 90's.  We played them later in the day though and he realized how difficult trivial pursuit games actually are!
Cynjyn was happy with the pants she got from Hot Topic, at least after she realized she shouldn't wear them on her head!
Annalyn  loved her new chair from gma and gpa.
Taz organized all his gifts and started texting his friends with his favorite treasures.  Namely his rock climbing grip board and card decks.
We got everything we asked for too!  I got a Minc and a sweater and shoes and a phone to computer USB port.  Garry got a bigger shaving bag and a new camera bag. 

Talon and Brian picked up Mikel from the airport at noon and we snapped a picture. 
 We had dinner about 4.  Prime rib and turkey.  We had three tables, a teen/young adult table.
 a kids table right next to them.
 And the adult table.  Dinner was yummy thanks to mom and Brian. 

It was great being together at Christmas time. 

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We had a great Christmas!!