Friday, January 8, 2016

Let it snow! Part 2

December 23, 2015: I just happened to mention one afternoon that I was curious as to why no one had tried hookybobbin on the back of the four wheeler.  The kids immediatly got excited and headed outside.  The four wheeler was broken, so they had to use the dirt bike.  It doesn't have nearly as much power as the four wheeler.  But they were all willing to give it a go.
They found a board and somehow attached some string to it and they were off.
It worked pretty well, the only problem was the start was uphill and so it took awhile to get power and get going. 
But they quickly got the hang of it and they loved whipping each other around those corners. 

The only problem was it kicked a lot of snow up into the face and

that made the kids get very wet.
Then Talon took a turn and he needed a big push from Brian to get going

But Taz loved trying to knock Talon off.

Then Garry and Brian go the boating tube out.  Brian said it didn't hold air too well, but he thought it would work for a few rides. 

These three tried to go first, but it was too much weight, so Taz got off. 
Cynjyn took Annalyn and boy howdy did she LOVE it!!  She giggled and laughed the WHOLE time.  She loved standing up too for some reason. 
Then Kres and Beckham came out and took a long turn. 
They loved it and Cynjyn had a hard time keeping Annalyn from jumping in with them.
Brian and Talon thought it was funny to throw snowballs at them every time they came around the corner.

That was a fun day and not nearly as cold as Bogus Basin.