Friday, January 22, 2016

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December 26-29, 2015:  We headed to La Grande the day after Christmas.  It was going to be a short visit.  This trip was all about food.  Talon had been waiting 8 long years for his licorice ice cream and El Erradero Mexican food.  Our first stop was Hought's for the ice cream.  Mikel wasn't too fond of her first bite of licorice ice cream and opted for huckleberry instead. 
Then while we ate our ice cream in the car we stopped at Nell's for curly fries and fried pickles for Cynjyn.  All I can say is YUMMO to both!
We broke out grandma's snow gear for 4wheeling and tubing. 

 We took a drive Sunday after church and Cynjyn got out because the snow looked deep and she wanted to see it.  Talon quickly jumped out after her saying he was going to need to rescue her if she sunk, but alas, it wasn't too deep, just pretty.

We had been waiting to go to dinner at El Erradero for Talon's birthday.  It was the first dinner we had in LG.  It did not disappoint.  Talon ordered two, TWO, 2, meals so that he could get all he wanted.  Garry just happened to mention to the waiter that he was ordering two because it was his birthday.  So then the waiter made a big deal out of that and wanted to bring him a free shot on the house and a free daiquiri and kept trying to get him to say yes.  It was so funny.
He finally settled for a free dessert of fried ice cream.  The waiter asked Talon if he wanted chocolate or strawberry, but didn't tell us what it was for, so Talon said both.  Then when he brought the ice cream, it was covered in strawberry daiquiri because that was all he could find.  He was determined to get Talon that alcohol.  So he and Garry cut the ice cream open and scrapped off as much strawberry as they could and Talon ate the inside. 
Fun times for sure and worth the wait.
Taz had a calculus packet due and so he had grandpa help him with that.  They spent about three hours one night.  Taz didn't need much help, he could figure it out, Grandpa was just there to check it and help him make sure it was correct.
We were able to make it to the annual Waite Christmas party reunion.  It was cool because I made Reed gather everyone together to take a group picture.  Ky and I went home and counted the people that were there and the ones that weren't.  74 of us were in attendance and 95 were missing.  That's pretty impressive for my Grandma and Grandpa's posterity. 

We had to get some last minute game playing in.  Trampis came over to play with us.  It was a night filled with laughter and fun. 
 Annalyn warmed up to everyone!  It was cool seeing her comfortable with everyone even though Taz was clearly her favorite. 

You'd think it was winter time the way everyone was bundled up.  Mikel and Cynjyn were missing the LV weather sometimes.  The sleeping arrangements were interesting.  Talon and Mikel slept in the LR. 
 All too soon the trip was over and it was time to head back.  Ella went with us to spend an extra day with us in Boise.  I loved being in LG in the winter.  It was fun and cold and fun.

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Gwen Waite said...

The whole time was great fun! Miss you all!