Friday, January 8, 2016

Let it snow! Part 3

Ky had told Cynjyn about an ice skating rink downtown. She really wanted to go.  We kept putting it off and we were running out of time.  We woke up on Christmas Eve and it was really snowing.  Talon confirmed that.  We decided it was now or never to go. 
Krissy let me borrow her boots and I thought they left the cutest flowered footprints. 
Beckham, Kres, Taz and Cynjyn skated.  Garry helped them get their skates on and then he and Talon ran to Wal Mart.  The ticket lasted half an hour. 
It was freezing and Beckham lasted about 5 min.  But the rest of them were troopers.  Taz's skates were killing his ankles. 
The rink was in a cute little Santa's village setting. 

The worker couldn't keep the snow off the rink it was snowing so hard that he would shovel a side and by the time he got it cleared the other side was snow covered.  Kres liked the big pile it made.
We were pretty much done at this point because it was so cold, but not before a selfie.
The ironic thing was Beckham and Ky had gone into a yogurt shop to warm up! So when the skaters were done they got frozen yogurt!!  Weird...

And the snow continued to fall, but it was a beautiful way to spend Christmas Eve.

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Maybe next time it will be better!