Saturday, January 23, 2016

Misc Moments

December 2015: I wanted to include some moments from our trip that didn't really fit into anything, so these are kinda random. Mikel was talking about how she LovED Buddy the Elf, we stopped in Ash Springs to use the bathroom and they had him on the window.  This was on the way up to Idaho. 
Cynjyn mimicked the Grinch.
We stopped in Ely for lunch and Taz added extra meat to his sandwich, they were comparing his to Cynjyn's normal one.
On the way home it was snowing in Ely so I grabbed a last family selfi.  Garry posed for the first one which didn't turn out then he was off to the car!  No time for him for selfi's.

Cynjyn curled my hair for me a couple of times on our trip.  I wish she was always at my beck and call!

Annalyn was obsessed with shoes.  If there were shoes laying around, she wanted them on her feet.  Even Talon's slippers.
Talon bonded with all his younger cousins...I guess he's practicing for fatherhood!

And of course, we didn't neglect Lola!  She still got plenty of lovin!

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