Friday, January 8, 2016

Let it snow! Part 1

December 21, 2015: We really wanted snow this Christmas and boy did we get it. The thing about snow is, we don't want to travel with it falling, but we do want to have fun with it falling!  Bogus Basin outside of Boise did not disappoint.  Luckily Krissy and Brian let us take their car with studded snow tires up the 16 miles to Bogus.  There is no way our Suburban would have made it safely.  The higher up we got, the heavier the snow fall and it was really windy and a cold 26 degrees.  Here are Beckham, Kres, Taz, Cynjyn and Talon in the parking lot all bundled up. 
Here is Taz, Kres, Cynjyn, Ky and Garry with their tubes ready to hit the slope.  The wind was so fierce that it literally cut into our faces at the top of the hill waiting to go down.  Once we got down the hill, it was so much warmer because the trees surrounding the hill blocked the wind.  Everyone of us went tubing.  Even Beckham and me! 
They had a little shack where we could stand in and observe and "warm up".  We visited it often.  I tried to video tape the tubers, but my hand nearly got frostbite just being out of my glove for 30 seconds. 
 Ky and Cynjyn had these headbands and the snow sure accumulated on their hair and kinda froze it. 
 Beckham and Kresimir enjoyed the giant rice krispy treat and brownie after working up an appetite sledding.
We could sled for two hours and that was plenty.  Talon and Taz lasted all but 15 minutes of those two hours.

We headed back to the parking lot in the massive snow storm.

 Beckham was freezing after being in the shack for awhile, so Taz just scooped him up and ran to the car with him!

The car was blanketed in snow.

 As we headed down the mountain, Taz enjoyed his own RK treat and Cynjyn wrapped a napkin over her bun trying to dry her hair!

 Cynjyn,  Ky and I loved the trees covered in snow.  We thought they looked like the grinch trees in the grinch movie

We stopped at the bottom of the hill at a little pizza place and had some lunch.  The pizza was super good and we had a grand adventure that day!

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Gwen Waite said...

Too bad the whine was so bad, but it looks like you had a great time anyway!,