Thursday, May 7, 2009


Taz has been reading Twilight. He finished it Tuesday evening. Yesterday, he came home from school and said that two of his friends told him that Bella gets pregnant and she becomes a vampire. He wanted to know if this was true. I told him not to believe everything his friends tell him and to keep reading the books if he really wants to know. Now, I read Twilight before the craze hit. My good friend Heather, who is always ahead of the times, had recommended it. I had to wait a year for New Moon to come out. Taz will not know that feeling of anticipation, of waiting, of wondering for a year. He promptly went to the book shelf and picked up New Moon and started reading it right then and there. Why do books and their sequels make us wait so long? Why do 24 and Lost make us wait so long, a whole year before new episodes begin? At least most shows like DH and House only make us wait three or four months until new episodes begin. Soap Operas are even better, they only leave us hanging for a weekend. Dancing with the Stars and American Idol make us wait 24 hours and the last agonizing hour going down to the seconds before the show ends just to see who got kicked off! Amazing Race and Survivor are even faster, only 59 minutes to find out the fate of the next person (s) voted off. So, again I ask, why can't authors write faster? Why can't publishers publish faster? Why does everyone else want to request the same books as I do at the library making the holds lists so long? And lastly, but most importantly, when is there going to be another "break through, craze" series like Harry Potter or Twilight coming? Cuz, I've read a lot of books lately, but none that make my heart palpate waiting for the next one to arrive in bookstores!


gwen said...

Yes, I agree. Just when I was finally into reading again, Ella challanged me to read Harry Potter. so, reluctantly, I did. I loved HP! Then, the Twilight series--which I loved! Then, you keep reading, hoping for a breakthrough! I have been keeping up with Prison Break and Lost by watching them on HULU--I'm still lost in LOST, and don't know what we'll do without Prison Break! all of the Law and Orders tend to keep me going, and I love HOUSE! I don't watch Soaps at all! I lost out on DWTS when I came down here, and I have missed the last 3 AI! I do think the final 3 are the ones who should be there, and ADAM is going to win! But, Chris is a dark horse!

Carol said...

I don't watch the singing, dancing, weight loss, or eat bugs in the jungle shows, but I do watch a couples series. I hate when they cancel a show that I'm really into! I wish the shows I love ran like the soaps, never taking a break. I've read some other series books, but none have had me dying for the next one to come out like the Twilight series.

Ron said...

Good for Taz to be reading, even if it's a chic book. Ha. The movie was okay, but that's just me.