Thursday, May 21, 2009


Tanner had an end of year awards ceremony Tuesday night. He got the Presidential Silver Award which is basically honor roll for kids that had a GPA of 3.5-3.75 all three years of Middle School. He is standing by his friend Tam on the right and Jack Lund Scholfield on his left. He is who the Jr. High is named after. He got that medal around his neck, a certificate and a letter signed by Barack Obama. Good job Tanner! (Tam is a poet and an artist, she drew some pictures of Tanner, I'll have to scan them in some time and post them~they are cool!) Yesterday was the last day of preschool. I made these cake pops for each kid and turned them into little graduation caps! This batch didn't turn out as well as the first that I made. I didn't have a red velvet cake mix even though I totally remember buying one! So I used chocolate. The cake was a little underdone, so the balls were very moist and after sitting on Toni's counter for an hour, two of them had fallen through the stick, but they were done and the kids at least liked the hat part!! You can find the directions to making these cake pops here


gwen said...

Wow Tanner!! Great job! Keep up the good work and you will earn SCHOLARSHIPS!

Kim, you are so creative! I would never attempt such a thing! Bunny Cakes challenge my abilities! I'll bet the kids loved them.

Carol said...

Smart kid, just like his mom and dad! Cute pops, too.

Krissy T. said...

Congratulations Tanner! I'm proud of you!

Tony and Heather said...

Congrats Tanner and great cakepops! (I have yet to try making them...)