Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day camp

Mid May, Taz had his last cub scout day camp. I went Friday from 4-8 and helped walk around with his group. He really had a good time at camp. He didn't want to go at first because all his "friends" had moved up to 11 year old scouts, but after the week was over, he was glad he went and said it was the best one he'd been to. Eating a churro from the trading post with his new friend Dylan.

Obstacle course

Bike round up

Learning how to take care of his bike

Sharpening a wooden knife so he can widdle a bar of soap. He didn't have time to finish it at camp, so he finished it at home over the week turning it into a guitar!
And his favorite, archery. He was a really good shot and his cubmaster commented on how good he was and he told him it was because his grandpa lets him shoot the bow and arrow every summer when he goes to Oregon!


Carol said...

I wish I could have gone! I love churros AND I love archery. The bike stuff, not so much. I was once a PTA president and had to do bike rodeos in the LV heat--not fun! Taz is a cutie even dripping wet.

gwen said...

Looks like a fun camp! He'll be an Eagle Scout before you know it! Grandpa will be proud of his archery prowess!

Ron said...

"In my day" during archery, one of us had to sit with the apple on his head. I never did... looks like fun camp.

gwen said...

I don't know you, Ron, but I have to ask ,"Were you a friend of Robin Hood?"