Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Taz's hair was getting quite long! He would spend an extra 5-7 min. in the bathroom in the mornings after his shower blowdrying it and "flipping" it to get the bangs to lay just right. Apparently all the girls as school loved his smooth soft hair and would come up and "pet" him at any given moment. I told him about a month ago he needed a haircut and then out of pure laziness it is now a month later. Tanner on the other hand, asked me to cut his hair Sunday and it wasnt too long. So, I made all Taz and Garry get theirs cut at the same time.

Right after the perfected flick of the head to get those bangs to lay right.

I call him Tazalina when his hair starts to get long as he is my second "girl"!

After the cut!! There's the Taz I know and love. I must admit, I did like the longer hair look, but come on, summer is upon us and this is just so much easier!! He was bummed because the girls were shocked and no longer came up to "pet" him anymore;)


gwen said...

Long or short, he's a cute, cool kid!

kc and k said...

That's what I was going to say, Mom :)

Carol said...

Amazing how different he looks! What a cutie!

Krissy T. said...

He is so handsome. He looks good both ways, but personally, I don't like the long hair look on boys so I vote for the short hair!