Monday, December 6, 2010

The backstory

Talon had braces as a teenager. Literally two days after he got his braces off, he was playing in the yard with our neighbors and one of them slammed the backyard gate on him and it knocked his front tooth back and there was blood and trauma everywhere. We took him to the dentist and orthodontist and oral surgeon and they were able to pull it forward, but all told him the tooth would eventually die. From that day on, he became obsessed with his teeth and keeping them white. The traumatized tooth was always a little grey though and turning greyer through the years. Finally about a month ago, he was eating dinner and had sharp pain in his tooth and throughout his mouth. He went to the dentist and the tooth was finally dead and he needed a root canal and cap put on. Here is the picture he took after the RC before the cap. You know how they put a temporary crown on while they send the plaster cast to the toothmaker to get the permanant one done, well, they had to send Talon's new cap back two times because it wasn't white enough to match his real teeth. Finally after about a month with a temporary crown, he got his new one put on.
Not bad huh?!
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Krissy T. said...

Looks really nice, Tal! Hearing about all of those procedures though makes me a little sick and nauseous!

kc and k said...

Yes, a little warning with your "backstory" would be helpful too! You know I don't do teeth stuff well.
But, it looks so great now and finally matches his other teeth. Hooray, Tal!

gwen said...

I'm glad it turned out so nice! Lucky you, Talon. Your mom wasn't so lucky when she had a "dead tooth" that had to be pulled! (now I know why Krissy stayed home from school sick : )