Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I was preparing for my annual Christmas recital a week ago and I decided to make dipped pretzels. I made the caramel for them and then dipped them and left them overnight. They stuck to the wax paper even though I had sprayed it. I wasn't happy. So I whipped up another batch of caramel and dipped again. Then, I had a lot of caramel left over, so I took a bowl of that to the recital. We all loved eating the caramel. Taz, who doesn't like sweets LOVED it. So did Cynjyn and I.

That night for FHE, we made gingerbread houses. I had bought a kit that had 5 mini houses in it. Perfect since I had already made one in YW's.

The kit came with a few candies and enough frosting for everyone.

It was o.k. and everyone got their fill of gingerbread decorating.

Talon even got into it.

I was an official holder as Taz glued his house together.

Here are the finished product!

They didn't take up much room and after a day or so of displaying and munching off them, I threw them out! My kind of gingerbread making and decorating. Although I do miss the annual decorating we used to do, especially with my sisters!!

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Carol said...

I love the mini houses--the big ones always take up too much room.

Krissy T. said...

Your treats look yummy! I remember the gold old days of making our own gingerbread and baking the pieces, cutting them out with mom's pattern, etc...

gwen said...

Good activity. Trey, Beckham and Kres decorated Gingerbread trains Krissy had on hand for Thanksgiving. I loved our gingerbreat house tradition!