Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tanner's first date

Tanner turned 16 in October and he got asked out to Sadie Hawkins in November. The dance was December 11. Natalie Leavitt asked him out. She is in our ward and her best friend Heidi Phelon who is in Warm Springs ward asked Mikey Kennedy to go with her. Mikey is in our ward. They are all 16, but only Natalie has her liscense and she can't take anyone but immediatly family in her car until March, so I had to have Tanner to her house by 1:00 pm. She had come and gotten his bike the day before. We got there and Tanner went to the door to find a note that said go look by the side of you house and find you'll find your bikes and then a clue and you have to follow the clues to find us. So, we waited for Mikey to get there and when he did, they were off to find the girls and begin their date. They ended up at the park where the girls were, they played around on the park stuff and then all of them road their bikes to 7-11 and got slurpees.

Natalie had got them matching jackets at Savers and had Tanner try them on and the sleeves were way too short for him, so when they got back to her house, she gave them to him and "pretended" that was what they were wearing, but she'd really gotten some new Aeropostle matching sweatshirts!

Their first stop was to King Putt where they did glow in the dark miniature golf

They had a good time there.

Heidi's mom was dressed up as a chaufer to take them around to their other places. They went and got milkshakes at In and Out and then pizza from Little Ceasars.

They ended up at Bass Pro Outlets where they played couple hide and go seek.

They watched the mermaids and fish tank.

They also went to Ethel M's cactus garden to see the lights and Santa.

I don't know if they got any M & M's?

The ended up back at Natalie's house. No, they didn't even go to the dance?!

Their date lasted 11 hours and we picked Tanner up at midnight. From all accounts, I hear they had a wonderful time. Natalie said she would do that every weekend. Taz said it was way too long and if all dates are that long, he doesn't want to turn 16!! I'm glad his first date was a memorable one.
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Krissy T. said...

Wow, sounds like a marathon and also a lot of fun!

kc and k said...

What a fun date! I like your sweatshirts. I can't believe how long it was-makes for a very memorable first date.

gwen said...

Fun ideas, although I'll bet Tanner would have enjoyed dancing! Cute couples and shirts! It won't be long until he can drive!!