Monday, December 13, 2010

Cynjyn's Mystery Party

We finally had time to do Cynjyn's party. Ever since Garry and I had gone to that Mystery Party, she wanted to have one. We didn't have time to write our own, so we bought one. We should have written our own, but anyway, she had fun and the girls did too. We invited 7 girls with Cynjyn that made 8 to fill out the "suspects". I decided to make my own birthday cake this year because she wanted a magnifying glass and I'd made one before a long time ago for one of the boys spy party. So, I made this cake and had Garry pipe in the fingerprint as he's better at freehanding stuff than me. The girls gathered and came dressed as their characters and spent about an hour and 15 minutes mingling and trying to figure out the mystery. None of them really figured out the whole thing, but I didn't either and I read the solution, like I said, we should have written our own, oh well.

Then they had one more mystery to solve. Someone had taken their party favors and they needed to go on a treasure hunt to find the party favors. We gave them a flashlight and a magnifying glass and the first clue. It was in tiny, tiny print and they had to use their magnifying glasses to read it and it lead them around the neighborhood and they ended up here behind baby Jesus where their party favors were waiting.

These two snuck out to hide the clues as the girls were figuring out the first mystery.

Here they are ready to go on their treasure hunt.

Reading a clue together. We had a clue for each inside the envelopes at each clue station so they would each bet to use their magnifying glasses.

Then we came back in and Cynjyn blew out her candles and then the girls decorated their clipboards we had given them to write notes on during the first mystery.

They had to take home their notebooks wet still with ModPodge, but they turned out cute and everyone had fun!!

Saturday, I whipped up these cute layouts of each girl at the party as a thank you card for coming to the party. It was really a fun night.

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kc and k said...

That looks so fun! You are so creative! And, good job on your cake-I'm so impressed!

gwen said...

Fun idea, I would like to see you write one and send it to me so I can se what they are like! Your birthday parties are always fun!

kc and k said...

Cynjyn's eye is crazy in that one picture!! K and I are getting a kick out of Taz in the background also. :)

Krissy T. said...

Sounds like it was a blast!