Friday, August 26, 2016

Annalyn turns two!

Annalyn's birthday is June 18. They were going to be gone by then, so Krissy suggested we have a little birthday party for her. Ky and I brainstormed and came up with a Sesame Street party. We literally planed and organized it in a day. We involved everyone in our prep for the party.  Tanner fed and entertained Annalyn while playing cards.

 Cynjyn and Ky made Elmo plates
 Talon did a cookie monster box for a feed cookie monster bean bag toss.
 Krissy drew an Elmo for a pin the nose on Elmo.
 I made dinner which was Big Bird Nachos, Grouch veggies and Elmo fruit plate.
 Ky and I made the sign...this party his brought to you by the letter A (for Annalyn) and the number 2 (She turned 2!)  Cynjyn made the grouch garbage can for our marshmallow toss.
 I'm glad some people in our family have the artistic talent!

 We ate dinner
 For once, the adults were at the island and the kids took over the table.
 Our first game was a guessing game, how many gummy worms (Oscars pet, slimy), cookies (for cookie monster) and pixie stix (Abby Cadabby's wand) were in the containers.
 Everyone was thinking hard on that.  Talon and Kres won!

 Our next game was pretty fun.  We divided into teams of two and took turns tossing mini marshmallows into the Oscar garbage can.  The tossers were blindfolded and that was pretty fun!
Cynjyn and Garry and Krissy and Talon started the night off tossing and catching.

Beckham and Tanner
with Mikel and Grandpa
me and mom

 with Krissy and Tanner

 Kres and Talon

Kres and Ky

Ky and Garry

 Cynjyn and Beckham
 Annalyn played the game by putting the marshmallows into Oscar while eating a cookie!
 She "tossed" and  I use that term loosely, the cookies into Cookie monster.
We did the cookie game next.  Notice Annalyn just watching the weirdo's try to get the cookie from their foreheads into their mouths.

 She's not understanding why??
These two almost look identicle!
 Krissy thinks it's better if you close your eyes and just concentrate, that cookie will just slide into her mouth right??
 Tanner takes a very relaxed approach to the whole thing.
 Our last game was to put Bert's rubber ducky between our knees and run down to the door and back
 Kres, Talon and Mikel were a LITTLE competitive!

 Tanner annihilated Ky.
 We finished with Strawberry shortcake for dessert and Annalyn got her own mini cake with two candles to blow out. 
 We had little gift bags with Elmo's Crayons, and his goldfish too!  The party turned out adorable for a last minute thing and was super fun for all ages!

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Krissy T. said...

It was fun and adorable! Thanks for doing that! Annalyn loved it!