Monday, August 22, 2016

Another One Bites the Dust (as in Graduates)

 Seminary graduation was on a Sunday.  These three were so excited and happy to be official seminary graduates.  They got lei's from their Samoan friends. 
 Here are the 5 that graduated from our ward.  Taz, Lex, Lawson, Shae and Ezra.

 Becca went with us to Taz's graduation.  We made tshirts as per tradition and they looked so cute in their shirts.

 We took a quick photo of Taz in his cap and gown and cords.

 Cynjyn had a little fun with Tarkanian before the show started.
 We had a good time before the show started watching the slide show.  Taz was in quite a few of those pictures. 

It was kind of hot and crazy afterwards finding people and getting photos.  This is the best we could do.  Taz and his traditional lift from Andrew and Ryan.
 Michael, Taz, Ryan and Andrew.
 Charlie and Taz.
 Cynjyn, Charlie and Becca.

 We all went to the Fiesta Buffet afterwards.  It is cheap, and easy to seat and feed a big group, so it is our go to place.

 This is our selfie in the elevator after lunch. 
 We were trying to get a big group shot of all of us in our t- shirts and Annalyn had had enough and fell asleep on Tanner.

 Sadly, I erased the group photo pictures off my camera before I downloaded them, so sad! So here are some random photos of us in our shirts:

And as Annalyn is proving...that is enough!  Good bye!

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Krissy T. said...

It was a fun time!