Thursday, August 4, 2016

May Little Things

May's little things turned into some pretty big things as you will see.  Talon and Mikel opening their wedding gifts.

 Krissy took a few photos of the graduating seniors and Cynjyn to add to Ella's senior pictures. 
 Ella was able to stay after everyone else left for the wedding, so we had a few of her Vegas friends over to hang out:  Sierra and Becca.

They borrowed the car and went down to the strip.

I was walking down the hall at church one Sunday and was walking right by the door to the gym and someone came barreling out of it and the door slammed into my arm.  I got this huge bruise and it was tender for over a month.  It was just in time for all those wedding photos!

 Taz had senior night at volleyball.  There were 6 boys graduating.  This was the set up as we entered the building.

 Taz had a lot of support and friends that came to senior night.
 All the seniors had their names on volleyballs.
 He will now retire his volleyball backpack.
 His besties Markus and Michael.
 Lyric came with a poster...something about loving him to infinity?
 I moved my mums to the back yard and they started blooming again.  I also put the plant from Mikel's wedding there too.
 We helped Talon move Mikel's stuff from Carmen's house.  He got a little van to move the furniture, mostly a bedroom set.
 Happy Mother's Day to me.  All I wanted was a photo with my kids.  I got one with Cynjyn.
 But, we had a cool sacrament meeting where all the graduating seniors talked.  They all did such an awesome job!! Ezra and Janet Tauanu'u, Shae and Amelia Haycock, Taz and I, Alexis and Jennifer Hill, Lawson and Linda Borla.
 The them!
 The kids...are amazing!
 Talon had to practice arresting and searching women.  He was having a test on it, so he practiced on Cynjyn, me and Mikel.  We had to hide things in our bra's and he had to find them.  It was quite comical! 

 Apparently Mikel donated a dollar and got his nose for national happy day? or some sort of national day...
 We had our end of year concert at Cannon and I had ordered this star for Rita for her retirement gift.  I love it, not sure if she appreciated it though. 
 Talon found a dog wandering outside our house one afternoon as I was doing piano.  It didn't have a collar, but we were able to find it's owners pretty quick. Bentley was fascinated.
 Cynjyn had her end of year dance recital.  It was Hunger Games and she was in two dances.  She stood out and did an awesome job.  I'm assuming she'll have some bigger parts next year since the show featured the dance team. So we are excited for that.

 She had shows Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoon and we went to two of them.  She found time to cut Taz's hair in between it all.

 She did such a great job and had family there for every show.

She got flowers from us and Trevor.

Here she is trying to get her acrylic nails off from the wedding.
 Tanner, because he's cute...and I adore him... and he loves getting his picture taken!
 The band had their final concert.  We got a photo of my boys: Michael, Makus, Taz and Charlie.
 Cynjyn got a photo with her band brothers.  Christian, Markus and Taz.
 And her favorite, Christian.  All the freshman girls were jealous of her because she knew this cool senior guy!
 Our house was beginning to look like a floral shop again between Cynjyn's dance flowers and flowers Talon had got for Mikel.

Cynjyn found an old stuffed bear in her room that she donated to Bentley so he could have a new toy.  He loves that little bear.

Taz got the high honors diploma and chords for graduation.
 And a white letter in volleyball for four years of playing a varsity sport.
 Cynjyn helped me out by mass producing graduation cards for me to send out.
 One night her and Maggie went out for the night.  They were bored and wanted something to do.  I suggested they go buy some sidewalk chalk and go decorate someone's driveway.  So they did and had a fun time surprising Emma Jex and Danielle Tanner.

I finished this book for book club...had a good cry at the end.  We went and watched the movie as a book a good cry from the movie too!

 Apparently Sonic had 50 cent corn dogs and these crazies went and bought like 40 of them!!
 Taz had his teeth cleaned.
 The BC calculus class took a final photo for making it through the year.  It was the first time this class was offered.  Taz ended up getting a 5 on his AP calculus test!  He/we were so proud!
 He also made the all-star team for volleyball and they had their game down in Boulder City. 
 Taz got to play and he was pretty pumped about that.
 Just because..I love them.. and I love my purple blooming tree. So I said: "hey lets go take a selfie in front of that tree!"
 Awards night for band.  Catered by Cafe Rio.  That gets the whole family there!

Cynjyn was sitting with her friends and Tanner had to work.

 Taz got his Band letter.
 His senior friends:  Michael, Lawson, Taz, Charlie.
 This girl decided to get her hair cut!  She'd been wanting to do it for a long time and one night she was in a bad mood, so she decided right then and there that it was happening!
 Mikel quickly and gladly volunteered to do the deed.
 And just like that she went from this---------------------------to this!
 Mikel was in charge of dessert for Memorial day BBQ. She made a strawberry cheesecake crumble cake thing...YUMMY.
 They are trying to teach Bentley to swim incase he ever falls into the pool.  He doesn't like it!
 Talon was in charge of making volcano potatoes for Memorial Day BBQ.
 They were the BOMB!
And just like that...May is over.

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