Thursday, August 25, 2016

Girls Camp 2016: Legendary!

 Cynjyn was a little leary to go to camp this year as she was the only 4th year going this year.  Most of her good friends were YCL's and they are in a different camp, so she didn't think it was going to be very fun.  The camp theme this year was A League of Their Own and each ward had to pick a team name.  We chose Legends. 

Cynjyn had to make the chore chart and we came up with this cute baseball idea. 
 I wasn't there this year, so I'm not sure what went on.  I just got pictures so I'll post them and kind of let them speak for themselves. Apparently, Sis. Cook brought a hammock and they had some fun on that.
 She actually got to spend a lot of time with the YCL's:  Emma, Danielle, Cynjyn and Maggie

 She found a good buddy in Courtney. She was a first year and Cynjyn absolutely adored her!

 They had some fun with someone's camera too: Courtney
 One of the triplets.  I don't know her name

 A lot of hair braiding and combing was done.

 They had different dress up days at camp.  This was USA day
 Cynjyn braided Courtney's hair a lot!
They looked pretty cool in their ward shirts and giant foam fingers.
 Arts and Crafts station was where they made a carry bag out of a t-shirt.
 Flagpole antics
 Skit practice.  Cynjyn was in charge of writing the skit this year.  It was based on Sword in the Stone and there was a baseball bat stuck in a scoreboard that only a virtuous woman could remove.  I believe it turned out pretty cute.
 Cynjyn and Emma

 I guess there was a certification challenge and our ward won the whole thing!
 They were very excited about that!

 Repelling is always fun.

 I believe this is coming back from canoeing.

Campfire nights were also great for bonding. 

 Cynjyn tried to get a photo with all the leaders:  Amelia
 Emma and Courtney joined in.
 Brother White
 Brother Jex
 Sister Cook
 Brother Sawyer
 Jen and Jessica
 Sister Jex, Bishop, Danielle and Cynjyn
 Heather S
And apparently there was crazy hair day and since Brother Hill has no hair, Cynjyn colored his head.

 Very cool!
She did end up having a great time (I knew she would, she always does), the only bad thing was I guess it was super hot up there which is better that rain which is usually pretty common for June.

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Krissy T. said...

Love all the pictures she took. Good job Cynjyn!