Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Memorial Day Camping 2016

Shafers organized another camping trip over Memorial Day. Cynjyn really didn't want to go, but Taz and Alexis were wanting to go since it was probably the last camping trip with this group before they went to college and mission.  So we compromised and decided to only go up over night and not stay the whole weekend.  Lawson wanted to go with us and was a big help when it came time to set up camp.  The campsite doesn't take reservations and so we ended up in the volleyball court as our group site.  It was sandy and didn't have any shade...interesting place to set up camp. 
Madeline and Cynjyn met up right away.
See Garry and Taz in the background putting up a net?
The three teenagers wanted to do their own thing throughout this whole camping trip and that mostly included hanging around camp playing and not going on any excursion's with the group.
We headed into Pioche to see the Million Dollar Courthouse, but it was closed, so we just explored around the grounds.  Apparently by the time it was built, it cost a pretty penny, thus the name Million Dollar Courthouse.
The town was a small mining town that had these little mine carts all throughout it, some hanging from cables throughout the town.

We ended up at a little resevoir where the kids honed their rock skipping skills for a bit.
More teens hanging out
Our humble little camp.

The next morning, Taz and Cynjyn trying to sleep in.
Cynjyn had brought a book and it was a sad one, Between Shades of Grey.  She was determined to finish it and read a lot.

She did finish it almost the second day and had a good cry.  I told her to make sure to read the epilogue which she hadn't and after she read it she felt much better!!

I always love our camping breakfasts and the fact that Garry cooks them!

We went exploring some caves/rock formations buy our camp and we all thought they were pretty cool!

Then we went down the road to Kershaw-Ryan which was another campsite that we had originally wanted but was full.  We were able to use their day use area which had a nice little wading pool for the younger kids and beautiful green scenery in the ugly dessert.

We way a snake which entertained us for awhile.
After I showed Taz the photo, the teens never left their little area..he was so scared!

We went back into Pioche the next day and toured the courthouse. 

Cynjyn took her picture in this room full of old typewriters for her cousin Ella who aspires to be an author and kind of loves old things like this!
They had a room that reinacted the court days with these creepy "figures" in it. 
Garry fit right in.
Apparently Taz drank a lot of Gatorade!
It was pretty hot and windy and we were glad to leave for home after our fun night and day because of  the weather.  The Shafers and Hills were planning on spending another night, but apparently the wind got so bad that they packed up and came home a few hours after us!  Another camping weekend for the books.

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