Thursday, August 25, 2016

Senior trips, Senior fun

Taz had a few fun adventures in celebration of being a senior. He did a day trip with Ryan and Andrew to Six flags.The twins sister and boyfriend took them.  Cassidy went along too. Taz always loves six flags, so it was a good day for them all. 

He also did an extended weekend senior trip with Alexis Hill and 4 other friends.  They went up the the Hill's cabin in Duck Creek.  The stopped at Lex's grandparents house to do some horseback riding on the way up. 

 They ate some girls camp pizza there apparently.  Taz likes that pizza and will willingly eat it!
 They had some ATV's lined up and were ready for a fun weekend. 

Beannie and Taz rode together.

Brad and Lex                                                       

And Lawson and Julissa.

They rode the 4 wheelers a lot.  Taz and Beanie were unfortunate though and wrecked 3 times. 
One of those times was a real humdinger and while Beanie only had a little scratch...Taz had a LOT of scratches!

There was no cell service up there.  They did drive up to the top of a mountain a couple of times on the 4 wheelers and sent a few messages.  The top photo being the one message I got with an I'm ok and having you attached to it!

In the evenings, they played a lot of cards and watched movies. 

One day they went up to a pond:

They had some fun times around the campfire.  Taz got to build some campfires, so he was happy!

They went to church up there Sunday morning and then came home.  In spite of his accidents he had a great time and it was a great way to end his senior year with his friends.

Taz went on a few hikes earlier in the year.  This was senior skip day, hiking with Brad and Lex.

And hiking before Sadies with Lyric:

 Taz, Ryan, Charlie and Andrew
 Megan, Ryan, Lyric, Taz, Charlie and Andrea, Sierra and Andrew

Taz and Sierra

Phone photos from the day:

And then he went hiking yet again with rock climbing friends, Taz, Lyric, CeeCee, Ryan

 And finally, Taz won a senior award:  Worst Driver!!  AND...he took a selfie with the crown (he abhors selfies!) so I love this photo!

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Krissy T. said...

Glad Taz got to do some fun things with his friends this summer!