Sunday, August 28, 2016

Fitting in time for family

June was a busy month and we packed a lot into the little time we had together with our extended family.  So here is what we did when we weren't attending graduations or throwing 2 year olds birthday parties:

Swimming...The boys always love swimming!  Kres especially likes going with Talon because he throws him high in the pool.

 Mikel likes it because Talon will actually go swimming!
 Beckham just likes being Michael Jackson and he will watch our MJ DVD over and over and dance to the songs, but even MJ needs a little down time.
 Card playing is in abundance.  There were on a Cribbage kick this time around.
 Snuggles, you can never get enough snuggles!

Exploring, Annalyn liked our shower!
 Altercations.  Talon had a little altercation with a case at work.  His head was slammed into a desk and got a couple of little gashes on it. 

 Bentley was not ignored.  We still found time to play with him.
 Lots of Pokemon/ game playing. 

Root Beer Floats made for a delicious snack one night.
 Cynjyn volunteered to blow up Annalyn's new pool toy.
 and apply sunscreen so she could use it!
 She loved it, I promise!
 Hand and Foot into the wee hours of the morning is a must!

And then we have to include some games Kres and Beckham can play.
 Cynjyn takes the photos, then she doesn't have to play the games!!
 Did I mention snuggles?
 Hair cuts too, Annalyn got them this time.

And Kres!
 Lot's of laying around...tired out older cousins from playing with energetic younger cousins.
 We did manage to take Ky and Krissy up to Freemont Street to see our favorite 80's cover band: Alter Ego.
 They liked them!!
 Tired people!!

Beckham and Cynjyn using he facial masks to refresh their skin!
 I had free tickets to an afternoon magician, so we went.  We got there a little early, so we hopped into the restaurant and ordered some desserts to pass the time.  When we got into the show, the regular magician had been called away for an emergency, so they had a sub which was basically just a comedian.  It was funny, but I'm sure Kres and Beckham would have enjoyed the real show more.

 Cynjyn and Annalyn did a lot of dancing.
 Cynjyn entertained by building a massive fort in the family room while the rest of played a game.

 We went to IKEA!

And did I mention snuggles?  Always lots of snuggles!

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Snuggles are the best part!