Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sunday morning

Our primary sacrament program was this past Sunday. We had been practicing for the past two weeks and the kids were working hard. We decided to have a "fun" day after the program. We chose popcorn and a movie. So I bought a pack of popcorn from Sam's (30 bags) after looking all over for already popped, bagged popcorn. Sunday morning, I started popping at 7:30. I figured it would take me a little over an hour to do the 30 bags at 2:00 min. each. Everything was going great, I had 9 bags popped and then the light in the microwave went off and the screen was black. I had burned out my microwave after only 9 bags! Garry went and checked the fuse box, and he unplugged it and tried a different outlet, nothing. So we decided to let it sit for 20 min. At 8:30, I was going to call Andrea and Toni and Joanne and bring them each about 7 bags of popcorn to do. Just before 8:30, I heard a beep and it turned back on and was good to go!! I let it rest a few minutes after each batch just to be sure and I finished all 30 bags by 10:10, just in time to leave and get to the church early enough to set up chairs and put name tags on every one's seats. All the kids did great and we had 73 parts and I only had to help 3 kids!!
we had been bribing them with Skittles and M & M's if they practiced and sang well. Luckily I had bagged those up the Friday before. 60 bags of each!! It almost filled this laundry basket and made it very heavy!


Chris and Audra said...

I'm glad your program went well and that the microwave started up again! Isn't that the way it goes?! OH, you must have a BIG primary! What a task!

Heather said...

you are such a dedicated primary president! Our microwave died on Sunday too--we have no clue what happened!

gwen said...

I'll say it again--WHAT A WOMAN! Cyn and Taz look very pleased with the outcome and no doubt enjoyed the whole thing. ps I'll be sad when Cynj outgrows that dress!

Just Too Swift said...

You are amazing! I was Primary President once, and I don't think I would have put that much effort into the popcorn once my microwave went out.

Now I know why my grandson loves Primary so much. Thanks for your hard work!

gwen said...

Oh man, why do you guys have such luck with things like ovens, microwaves, AC's, etc?!?