Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First day of school, teeth, and 80's...

So, did anyone else watch 80 hours of the 80's this weekend on VH1 Classics?? We had it on and off all weekend. We played a lot of games and it was mindless noise in the background and a chance for our kids to see 80's classics. Anyway, so I was feeling nostalgic and wore my 80's earrings to church on Sunday. Cynjyn LOVED them and I felt kind of silly but what the heck, you only live once!!

I don't know if you can tell, but last weekend, my tooth started hurting and by Tuesday morning, my whole cheek was swollen. I got into the dentist that day, and he said my tooth might have a fracture and I'll probably have to have it pulled:( I just had a root canal on it in January and paid $450 that insurance didn't cover! I am not happy. I go to a specialist this coming Friday to see if he thinks there is anything he can do to save it from extraction!! My tooth was so infected that it couldn't hold it anymore and had spread out into my cheek, that is why I looked so swollen. I'm still on antibiotics for that and am hoping for good news from the specialist!

This is how Taz and Cynjyn looked as they came downstairs the first day of school.

They seemed to perk up by the time they had to leave though. I actually forgot to take Tanner's picture in the morning, so we took it after school!

They had to ride the bus the first day, but after that, I usually take them in the mornings.


gwen said...

Hey--wear whatever you want to, you're in America!! The tooth sounded painful, but probably not as painful as the first day of school seemed for the kids! I know how you feel about the tooth problem, i.e. my experience with Hunter, whose eye is still not looking good!

gwen said...

Oh man, the tooth thing doesn't sound good! We'll hope they can fix it? It is the same tooth you had the root canal on?

Kimberly said...