Friday, June 19, 2009

Flashback Friday

I decided today to do a few journal entries instead of pictures. I need to scan in some more pictures and I just haven't done it yet, so you get some journaling.

These are from July and August 1978, I was 13. I had gone to BYU for an Academy For Girls (like EFY) and this is an entry from one day, in honor of Donnie and Marie being here in Vegas at the Flamingo for $120.00 a ticket:(

JULY 31, 1978:
Today we went to classes and at 7:00 we loaded the busses and went to the "Osmond Studio" and toured it. We saw Donny and Marie's dressing room, the girls guest room and the boys. Outside we saw all of the hand prints of the guest stars including Andy Gibb! We saw the inside props, the ice stage and a whole wall of pictures of their guest stars. Unfortunatly, Donny and Marie weren't there! Oh, it was so neat though. We looked into mirrors and saw how we would look on camera we also was where they practiced in fromt of the mirrors, it was so cute!

AUGUST 7, 1978:

Today we went to the farm and ran through the sprinklers and hauled 150 bales of hay and on the way home, we killed a rattlesnake with 5 rattles. Oh, I hate snakes and I am always scared when Dad kills one.

AUGUST 8, 1978: Today we hauled 266 bales and saw 2 bucks, it's going to be good hunting this year. Last night after we left, Ked rode his bike down to the oat field where they were fishing and a rattlesnake bit him on the foot, but his boot was so thick it didn't go through, thank heavens!

AUGUST 9, 1978: Today everyone went to the farm but me cause I had mutual and tonight we all went bowling and then we went to Shakey's for pizza and now I feel sick, but we had fun all in all!!

AUGUST 12, 1978:Today was Mom's birthday, she's 38. We really didn't celebrate it I think she felt bad:( Today we went to a family reunion at Farewell Bend State Park and we went tubin in the Snake River and that was fun!! Tonight I babysat for Sylvia Preston's grandchildren while she went to her son's wedding reception and I got $3.00 for 3 kids and 2 hours. I have to give a talk tomorrow in SM on the Academy.

AUGUST 14, 1978: My talk went very well and people said it sounded like fun. Julie came back from vacation yesterday and today I went to her house and we played games then she went with us up to Emigrant Park for FHE and we had a picnic. Tomorrow I have to get up at 7:30 and babysit for Eileen Furguson until 12 pm. Oh, her kids are so bratty and whinny and I hate to babysit for her, oh well.

AUGUST 14, 1978: Today I did babysit for Eileen from 8-12 and from 1:30-5:30 and I got $6.50. It was even pretty fun!

That's it for flashback Friday.

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Lindsay said...

I need to put some old journal entries up too, it's so fun reading everyone's. I'm glad that I have family to babysit most of the time. But if the average pay was still 3 dollars for 2 hours, I think we would get a babysitter a lot more!

Carol said...

I used to get paid 50 cents an hour AND I was expected to do some cleaning. I love the flashing back stuff! The rattlesnake entries are amazing--I'm not crazy about snakes.

Toni said...

I would have been excited about seeing Andy Gibb's hand print also. I was also a big Donny & Marie fan. Got to drive by their studio a lot back in the day but never went in. You were a good journaler(sp). I stunk it up.

Ron said...

Love the "old stuff." Sounds like you had a great youth experience. I've killed a few rattlesnakes in my day, too. We used .22 cal pistol with bird shot.

Krissy T. said...

Who is Ked? Nice journal entries Kim!

Kimberly said...

Ked was a boy that lived with D and P and Dad killed rattlesnakes with a shovel!!

gwen said...

The good old days! You had a lot of neat experiences growing up--that's one reason you still have a lot of neat experiences!