Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Recital and good news!

I had my piano recital last night. I knew it was coming up and I always make a little spread to feed everyone after it's over. Cynjyn had taken a break from lessons for about 3 months, but she wanted to play in the recital, so we found her two songs and she started practicing them Sunday: here she is, Mowgli jumped up on the bench and just sat there beside her while she practiced~ it was so cute.

I won a contest that Carol was having about a week ago. Sunday, we were just sitting around watching the Princess Bride (Cynjyn didn't remember ever seeing it, so we thought it would be a fun family activity) and Carol came and delivered my prize. It was this set of three star shaped cookie cutters, how adorable is that! Thanks Carol! So, I decided Monday to make some sugar cookies for my recital that night! Carol included a recipe and it said that they make a lot. Now, I am not a fan of making sugar cookies. They take forever and the shape usually takes on a demented form as I try to transfer it from the counter where I rolled them out, to the pan, but these seemed to be cooperating!!

I tried to frost them red white and blue and even bought a little platter with r,w and b stars on it, but they turned out more pink, ivory and aqua. They tasted good though. I had a few smaller shaped stars and added them to the mix.

All in all I ended up making four different types of cookies: sugar, rice krispie treats, golden graham smores and no bake cookies. They were a big hit along with lil smookies, mini quiche's cheese and crackers, chips and salsa, watermelon and strawberry lemonade. All I got was a picture of the cookies. Here they are.

The kids did really good at the recital. It was a fun night. Now, onto the even better news.

As I was in the middle of making those sugar cookies, I got a call from Metro that they had recovered our Honda and we needed to pick it up within a half an hour, or it would be towed. They found it as the couple that had stole it were driving into their neighborhood. The guy that was driving took off running, but the girl didn't. She was in her mid 20's very nice looking and about 6 months pregnant. I called Garry and he went right away as it was about 5 miles from his work. It took me longer to get there (it was found near Stewart and Lamb). When we got there the Civic was full of their stuff, like backpacks, DVD's notebooks, it just looked well lived in. They also loved Taco Bell, because there were wrappers and cups everywhere!! The ladies driver's liscense, passport and credit cards were in there and her name was Erica Nelson. They had put about 3000 miles on it in a week and three days. We think they might have gone to Mexico or something like that since they had passports in there, but they were both caucasion, so who knows. They had to start it with a screwdriver, or something sharp because they busted up the ignition

And they smashed a bunch of buttons on the radio and had broken the tape deck so that the tape is constantly running. Now why they did this I have no idea because it sucks the life out of the battery and the Honda is always dead. They had jumper cables and had to jump start it all the time to make it go (clearly they were not the sharpest tools in the shed!!)
They also banged up the back seat just a little, but as far as we can tell, it still runs really good. We are happy to have it back and now are just looking for someone who can fix the transmission. It did take all afternoon to get it because Garry and I had both brought a car, so we parked Garry's Taurus at a Home Depot that was close by, he drove the honda home and I followed, then I had to take him back up to get his car and he went to work and I came home. I got home just as Tanner was getting home from school. So I have half a batch of sugar cookie dough in the fridge that the kids were thrilled to have as an afterschool snack!!

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Claudia said...

We actually have a Honda transmission sitting in our garage. We were going to replace it in our old Honda Civic before David killed it. . . . so if you need one, drop by and pick it up!

Carol said...

Glad the car is back, but what a mess! 3000 miles is a lot--wonder what they were up to?

Lindsay said...

Those desserts sure look yummy! And YAY that you got your car back! Too bad it's messed up though. It really makes us wonder sometimes what's wrong with some people, and we hope that we're doing the right things for our kids so they don't turn out that way.

Ron said...

First. Glad your car is back! Too bad the numbskulls the damage. At least it wasn't all dented up! Check under trunk liner for any narcotic residue incase they were drug runners...oh the stories about recovered stolen vehicles I could tell!
As for pink, ivory and aqua, why not? With this new president, anything is possible. (thanks for the cookies)

Krissy T. said...

I'm glad it was recovered! Believe it or not, Dad broke the news to us since my internet in Ontario hasn't been working. So, that tells you he does read the blogs!

gwen said...

Glad the car is back--sorry it's so messed up! Hope it doesn't cost too much to get it running again! Some people are really messed up and it's hard to even guess what they were doing, where they have been, and what they are "thinking" (I use the term loosely)

gwen said...

sorry the car was stolen!!!
that is scary!!!good thing you suvived!!!good thing you got it back
miss you so bad !!!
see you soon
love from