Monday, June 22, 2009

Our weekend in a nutshell

We decided to have a garage sale about 2 months ago. We finally had a free weekend and decided Saturday was the day. The kids had dejunked a lot of their toys and so they spent a day cleaning them all, organizing them and marking them with price tags. Here they are getting ready for the big day.

Taz and I went and put signs out at 7 and Garry, Tanner and Cynjyn started putting everything out. It was a nice day only a little windy in the afternoon, but pretty cool considering it is the end of June. We sat in the garage and played games while people shopped. Finally at about 3, we cleaned everything up. We made $120.25 for our efforts. The toys hardly sold at all and the kids were kind of sad. We decided to save everything that was left and do another one in the fall closer to Christmas in hopes that the toys will sell a little better.

Friday night was our ward Luah. Cynjyn dressed up in her grass skirt and then had some lei's and flowers for the girls hair. Here are Rebecca, Cynjyn and Sydney. They palled around all night.

Taz hung with Sean, Hansen, Lawson, Alexis and Shae (not in the picture)

They had sack races for the primary kids, Taz won of course. Here is Levi, Hansen and Taz at the starting line.

Hansen and Taz turning to head to the finish.

They also did the LIMBO, here's Cynj

Here's Taz.

Tanner had two little boys glued to him all night. He babysat for the Thatcher's once and Grady and Tate took a liking to him. He entertained them all night. Hopefully others noticed and he might get some babysitting jobs out of it. Actually Sister Nelson asked if he babysat and he said yes. He's really good with the kids as he actually plays with them!

Sunday was Father's Day. Cynjyn decorated a horn so she could "announce" THE GREATEST FATHER OF ALL, THE KING OF FATHERS" entering to eat dinner.

The king making his grand enterance. He got two new card games for Father's day: Rage and Scrabble Slam. We played them all afternoon among a few others. We had FHE and Cynjyn had activity. We played Mother May I. A funny thing happened. Tanner wears an old pair of shorts that Talon gave him. They have lost the tie and so they are always falling off Tanner. Talon asked "mother" if he could do a pirouette (I have no idea how to spell it.) but didn't know what one was, so Tanner volunteered to show him. He did the P across the floor, stopped and his shorts fell down all the way to his ankles. It was so funny and we all wished we'd been ready with a camera because the look on his face was hilarious! Taz also taught us the Appalacian Cup Game for activity. It was fun and we all got pretty good at it. He had learned it in music right before school got out. Tanner became obsessed with Rage and he, Garry and I played it all the rest of the night. It is kind of like Oh Heck but with some twists.
Happy belated Father's Day to my dad, the king of kings. Hope you liked the flag and flag pole!! I hear it's waving as I type this.

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gwen said...

I can't believe you finally had a yard sale--they are usually more work than they are worth, but it does help declutter! Fun Father's Day. Tanner would be an excellent babysitter, and I can't tell you how many times I have heard Ky say, "Where's Tanner when you need him?" Cute pictures of him playing with the boys.

Ron said...

I love the horn! I didn't see any water-cannons at the luau... something our old ward seemed to experience at most outdoor activities. great pics.

Carol said...

Darn! Wish we'd be here for the yard sale and the luau! Looks like fun at the luau. Why is it the camera is never ready when there are moments like pants falling down?