Thursday, June 11, 2009

Night Owls

What makes some people night owls and some people morning people?? When I was younger, I liked staying up late and sleeping in. Now, I like to be in bed by 10 and am usually awake by 6:30 just naturally. Now that summer is here, I am starting to be able to sleep in later, like 8 am. My mom is an early bird. She wakes up naturally about 5:30 or 6:00 am everyday. Thus she used to be wiped out by 9:00 pm and ready for bed. Now, however, she stays up till around 11 so she can sleep better through the night. My dad is a night owl. He usually goes to bed around 11 and sleeps till about 9. Garry can stay up late reading, and on weekends he can sleep in till 9 or 10. I like to read at night too, but it makes me tired and I usually can only read for about a half an hour. Tanner can stay up till one or two on weekends reading too. He can also sleep in till 12 or 1pm!! He is cranky if he doesn't get to sleep in on weekends! He is loving summer. Taz, bless his heart tries to stay up late, but he usually conks out by 9:30 and is up by 7. He has been staying up later now that it's summer, and sleeping in until about 8. Cynjyn is about the same as Taz. Then there is TALON, dum dum da dum...I swear he is a vampire. He wakes up and gets his energy at about 10 at night. I just don't get it, he has always been this way. The night before I left for Canada, I went up to Talon's room. He and Tiffany were watching the basketball game on the TV. He was looking pretty tired and was almost asleep. I was telling him about Cynjyn's wrist. I went to bed at 10 because I was getting up early. I was awakened at midnight hearing Talon walking around downstairs. At 2am, I heard him heating something in the microwave. At 3 am I could hear his TV blairing. I went upstairs and told him to shut his door and turn it down. Why can't he sleep at night? Why do some people have insomnia? My friend Chris has insomnia, my sister has insomnia. Just some pondering while hanging out in Canada. By the way, Australia was good, long but good!

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Carol said...

I get tired around 9 p.m., but hold off until around 10:30 p.m. before going to sleep. I never sleep beyond 6 a.m.--dogs have to eat! When we're in UT my sleeping gets all mixed up. I love that you get to blog more than once a day!

Tony and Heather said...

I would kill to be a morning person... Alas, it has not happened yet.

Ron said...

I'd call it 'sleeping in' if I didn't wake up until 6:30 :) What would that be like?? Get a puppy, you won't sleep past 5 AM.

kc and k said...

Funny you should mention sleeping habits. I'm scoring papers this week and have averaged about 4 hours of sleep at night, then drive 1.5 hours to and from work, and top it off read high school papers for 9 hours straight. We get 3 breaks and I've had to set the alarm on my cell phone, go to my car and sleep. I even set it for 3 minutes one day because that was all I had and I had to take it.

You will be happy to know that I did rent New Moon on cd and am listening to it to and from work. I tried reading it, but I'd fall asleep every time. Cd's work much better when I have to drive. Enjoy your vacation! I'm off to bed! :)

gwen said...

I love being a morning person--it is a beautiful time of day--so "natural" and quiet. That's my best time of day to get my work done, too. When I had my 5 kids and was working full time, I'd get up, get everyones' breakfast, fix lunches, put something in the crockpot for dinner, go the an aerobics class at the athletic club, shower, do make up, etc, and drive 35 miles to work and be there by 730-! You miss so much when you sleep in!