Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Good bye 5th grade!

Taz's school did a 5th grade celebration last Friday. They rented out the pool at the Multi-gen Center and swam and ate for two hours. It NEVER rains in Vegas, but for some reason it choose that day to be cloudy, gloomy and sprinkly. It was great weather for us watchers, but the swimmers got cold if they stopped moving. Here is Taz with his friend Nick
Jean-Michele, Roy and Taz eating pizza.

Taz splashed and swam hard the whole time. He had a blast!

He went down the slide several times too. Unfortunatly, siblings were not allowed. That was o.k. with Tanner because he had Youth Conference, but Cynjyn was a little put out. I took Taz and Garry stayed home with Cynj!! Good luck in middle school next year Taz (being the third, he informs me he's not nervous at all for MS after watching two brothers go through it!)

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Carol said...

Wasn't he just a baby not that long ago? :o) Taz, good luck hanging out with the old people in MS!

gwen said...

Fun party, Taz! Yes, he is growing up--he and Ella in middle school seems hard to believe! Ella's glad to be starting MS in Ontario instead of Roseburg! So, they both have an advantage over "first timers".

Ron said...

Great fun. I remember 5th grade, but no pool parties like this. Super.