Monday, August 23, 2010

Boulder park

Mom remembered going to Boulder Park as a youth. She remembered a big area covered with boulders that you could climb all over and she had a lot of fun. But she couldn't quite remember where it was. So we did some research on the internet and Dad did some asking around and thought he could get us there. So we started out on an adventure. We went up a pretty windy, gravely road and Taz wasn't feeling to well (what's new) but we finally found a Boulder Park. When we drove into it, it was mostly a camping sight. We found this sight with no one in it and no boulders in sight to climb on. The river was hard to get to and very swift.
This is what everyone thought of Boulder Park! Not a happy group. So we drove up the road to another camp ground that Dad had heard was better and we found better access to the still swift river and a picnic table to eat on that wasn't invading someones camp space.
We explored down by the river and found that big log across the river that would prove fun for the kids.

We had a picnic armed with our dryer sheets to keep the mosquitoes at bay!

There was a nice trail down to the river.

The kdis got out their Harry Potter wands and played away!!

Then they discovered the fun of throwing sticks in the river and watching to see whose stick made it down the river and under the log first. Apparently, this was the funnest game!!

A little blurry, but the only one with me and Taz and Cynjyn.

Now, if it was only this peacful on the way home. They made me take this picture and then they were singing and talking as loud as possible the rest of the way home!! I guess we will continue our search for the elusive Boulder Park of mom's youth!!

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Debbie said...

Do dryer sheets really work? You should have asked us the way to Boulder Park. It's the trailhead to Main Eagle Meadows where we hike all the time. Beautiful place huh?

Carol said...

I didn't know about dryer sheets! Looks like a beautiful place to "not be happy" in. :O)

Krissy T. said...

That's funny that it was such a bummer. But, I love the kids stick game and how into it they were, plus the staged sleeping picture. Those 3 sure had a lot of fun together this summer!

kc and k said...

Always an adventure!

gwen said...

Dryer sheets DO work, and it was a beautiful spot. The only thing missing was boulders...