Saturday, August 28, 2010

WAlloWa LaKe

We went to church on Sunday and afterwards, we left for WL. We love going there and Mom and Dad are so generous each year to get a cabin and food and entertainment for all of us to have such a fun and memorable vacation!! So, we got settled into the cabin and had a bday celebration for Trampis two days early! Here's Beckham and Lillian. They are just about a year apart and they weigh the same and are about the same height...too funny! Here we all are watching Trampis open his presents. Cynjyn was the go to girl for the little ones.

I wanted a picture of all the Goon's with Trampis. We adopted Kres into the Goon family!
It was so nice to sit out on the back porch and visit and make and eat s'mores in the evenings after the sun went down.

But we also enjoyed playing games inside the cabin.

Taz sure loves to get messy when eating s'mores!

More visiting!

Notice, we aren't covered in dryer sheets, the mosquitoes weren't too bad this year!! Course, we saw a lot of Bats flying around, so I'm sure that helped.
This was the view from the front yard. Cynjyn literally stepped out of the house and onto the yard, and this is what we saw every day!! LOVED it.

We had to check out Hagrid's chair and make sure it was still there!

We went up the gondola again this year. This is my favorite part and I got sick last year and missed it, so I was so happy to be going this year.

We found the chipmonks and we were fully loaded with a huge bag of sunflower seeds!!

Tanner seemed to be the chipmonk whisperer this year. He just attracted them like crazy.

Everytime we looked, he had more and more chipmonks at his command.

Cynjyn just plopped herself right down and they came a runnin!

I just love seeing the snowcapped mountains surrounding us at the top of Mt. Howard.

The snow seemed close this year, but it was sure hot on top of that mountain.

The kids would spread out to divide and conquer the critters.

We decided to hike around on some trails that we hadn't been on in a few years. And to our delight and surprise, we found our own snow piles. (we weren't supposed to go off the paths, but who can deny Vegas natives their day in the SNOW, in JULY!)

Just around the corner, we found an even bigger PILE.

This one you could slide down!

Cynjyn found a beginning of a little stream and wanted her picture by it.

We gave the kids the camera on the ride down and they took their own tram car. Ky and I were alone in ours and she was a little worried about not having control of Kres, but apperantly, he was having fun without her!

Safely back on the ground!!

We finally got some boating in. It was all about the kids this year and Brian was such a gem to take them out ALL day and let them ride to their hearts content. Mom had a new tube and so the fun began!! This was the dock where we made the exchanges of riders. We had a little trouble with the boat at first as it needed a recharge on it's battery, so Trampis and Tanner waited A LONG time for it to finally arrive.

The older boys got to go first because Trampis was leaving a day early.

That evening, we took a walk up by the horses and stuff. Now, here is a scrapbook page I did from 1999. We had gotten the three amigos matching coonskin caps and they happily posed along the fence for pictures.

Flash forward to 2010 and here they are posing again on a fence, minus the coonskin caps! Looking good until...

...they try to get IN BETWEEN the fence posts and find out their bodies are much bigger now! Too fun.

Taz loved showing off that he could easily fit inbetween the posts.

Poor Kres was so tired in the evenings that we told him that all the kids were going to bed and it was time for him to go too. So the kids all headed to the loft (where me and them all slept) and pretended to go to bed so Kres wouldn't feel like he was missing out on anything. This is how I found them patiently waiting.

Trampis' last day there was spent doing some other fun things. They rode the go carts!! Ella was nice enough to take Kres.

Everyone else had their own car and Cynjyn was so excited because this was her first year where she was tall enough to be a single rider!!

Go Taz go.

After this ride, Trampis, and his mom and dad and Lillian left, but we got a cousins picture before departure. Everyone but Talon is present!!

We actully had so many people this year that we ended up with two cabins. This was a little two bedroom cabin by the mini golf course that mom and dad and Randy and Darla stayed in. They just slept there and spent most of the time at the big cabin! But it was very cute.

Kres got tired as we headed to the bumper boats, so he got some swinging from Trey and Tanner.

This time Kres went with Tanner.
Once again, it was Cynjyn's first time to be a lone driver and boy did they have fun bumping and splashing each other.

The spectators sure had {fun?} watching.

On our walk back up to the car, we got our obligatory picture with the deer.

Then it was another afternoon of boating.

All the kids plus Brian went and I hear they had some wild rides and some fun times and some crazy crashes.

This was the big cabin/house where the rest of us stayed.

We really did enjoy ourselves immensly and we are so grateful to mom and dad for the amount of money they spent on our three fun filled days. Our view the last night there!

When we got back, everyone just crased because we were all exhausted from our lake adventure!

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gwen said...

We always have such a fun time at Wallowa Lake! It's hard not to go. Our summer is just one adventure aftr another! When the teachers ask:What did you do this summer? They had better be ready for a NOVEL!

Krissy T. said...

I love the picture of the boys trying to fit in the fence. Too funny! Plus, I think the one of all the big kids waiting for Kres to go to sleep is pretty funny too!

kc and k said...

Oh the memories!!! I'm almost crying looking at the fun times we had this summer! I LOVE how all of my family takes such good care of my kids and never complains even if it means faking going to sleep. Thanks, guys!!! I'm so blessed!!!
(And, the three T's in the fence had me laughing out loud!)

Ron said...

Looked like a LOT of fun! I'd have enjoyed sitting and reading whild over-looking that lake at the cabin, the other stuff would be okay...