Friday, August 20, 2010

Non Adventures in La Grande

It seems like we were busy all the time during the summer. We surely had a lot of adventures, but we also found joy in the moments with out adventure plastered all over it. We just enjoyed the everyday lazy summer farm life and being together with those that we love.

Hunter is a cat that we don't see too often. She loves Grandma, but not a lot of noise and kids around since she is a true barn cat. But one day, Grandma coaxed her into her arms and the kids enjoyed petting her.
What is summer with out a show? Every year we get to endure some sort of dance/fashion show that the girls come up with. Here they are at the beginning of their show as robots.

This year, Taz was their manager and helped plan the dance and which costumes would go with it. He was even in a few dances.

Trey and Tanner were THRILLED to be part of the audience!!

The after show autographs.

Tanner and Taz helped Dad out by cleaning out his rain gutters and cleaning off the roof.

They worked really hard one morning and got the dirty job done.

I really want Cynjyn to know something about sewing, so I wanted her to make a skirt this summer. She had such success with her little purse. So Mom and I went to Wal-Mart (the only fabric store in town basically) and picked out two cute skirt patters that we thought they could do and some coordinating fabric and then we mad the girls work on their project.

It took them a few days and they weren't too interested at the beginning, but they got it done. Ella's turned out a little difficult to finish as it needed a zipper and eye and hook that mom did for her. Cynjyn's needed fringe around the bottom hem that I did for her, but other than that, they did most of the work.

They were very happy with the outcome!!

Mom asked what kind of cookies my kids would eat and I said without hesitation: No Bakes. So they all helped make some one day.

Those yummy cookies were completly GONE in 30 minutes!!

Taz, Cynjyn and Ella's favorite game to play every summer is Harry Potter. They make wands and play all day long. They usually make a potion every year too. This was their concotion this year.

They are usually afraid to go into the barn, but this year they actually went up into the loft and decided to clean it out and turn it into a clubhouse. They spent two full days cleaning and organizing. They took out boxes of Ky's seasonal decorations and decorated. They even stayed up there after it got dark!!

Before: dusty and messy

After: as clean as a barn can be and room to relax and be together.

Cynjyn was always dressing up. It got a little unnerving for mom as she didn't want the girls ruining Ky's and Krissy's prom dresses, but she didn't mind when C found the hula stuff!

Cynjyn was a big help when it came to weeding moms flower beds and plucking off dead blooms. That was here favorite job!

She weeded a couple of times and really stuck with it, did a good job and worked hard! We love the everyday life!

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gwen said...

These were fun things, and I love the leisure of just enjoying the good life!

Krissy T. said...

Sometimes non-adventures are the best and most memorable.

Carol said...

Looks like everyone enjoys just being together no matter what they are doing.