Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Field Trips while in Boise

We took a day and went to the zoo. It is a nice little zoo that is not expensive at all. The kids are doing the crane from Karate Kid in front of the...crane! They had a little sidewalk show going on with a badger. It is interesting to see a badger tame enough to bee in a petting show. They are pretty viscious in the wild. So it was fun to pet.
It was a hot, hot day, so the kids took a break in the groundhog tunnel!!

Another day in Boise was spent at the Nature Preserve. It is a place down by the river where you can walk along paths and see wildflower gardens and fish and rivers. It has a little museum in the middle of the preserve that we spent a lot of time in.
We had lots of strollers cuz it was a HOT day.

We stopped by the lilly pad pond and it was such vivid green and had a ton of lilly pads.

Don't you like my cute, cute owl families?

Inside the museum, they had a lot of taxidermed animals and fun things to do.

Tanner was helping Beckham do a fish puzzle,

While Taz, Cynjyn and Kres worked on their erosion skills.

The hike on the way out took us along the river where we could see a lot of fish and crawdads.

It was a very fun day, and nice to see some sights while in Boise.

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Krissy T. said...

What a fun summer! I know you have a lot more posts to go for summer, can't wait to see them!

Ron said...

cool, I haven't been to a zoo (besides ours here) in toooo many years. But, "hot in Boise"?