Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The end

Well, our summer in Oregon was winding down. Tanner and I left on July 28 for Boise. Taz and Cynjyn were staying until August 12. Tanner had to be back for Volleyball camp at BYU and I had to be back to go to Girls Camp. T and C wanted to attend the family reunion Aug 9-11, so they stayed and that way they wouldn't be alone while we were at the camps. I and they were worried. Taz is a momma's boy and for some reason Cynjyn was being a drama queen, but we got off and they survived. Here they are on their last day together, it had been a wonderful summer and we were all sad to see it end.
Cynjyn and Ella decided to set up shop and become photographers. They set up little scenes and had props and took a boatload of pictures. Here are just a few, I think they did pretty good and are both photogenenic and seem to have a talent here to develope!!

Now, I LOVE licorice ice cream and two, yep, count 'em, two shops in La Grande have licorice ice cream on a regular basis. So I HAD to get my last fix of ice cream on the way out of town!! So happy!!

Tanner and I stayed at Ky's and we got there after dinner. Krissy came over to visit and show up her latest pictures she had painted at art class. They were working on portraits. Here's one she did of mom and dad!!

And here's one of her and Brian. She did sooo good!! I'm glad she's working on that talent.

Now, back to reality, at least for me and Tanner!! Thanks for putting up with all my catch up posts!
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gwen said...

I enjoyed everyone of them,, and I am so impressed with the photograpy shop poses. Was Ella missing her dad?? Yes, they have talent to be developed! Back to city life for you. . .sigh. . .

Krissy T. said...

All in all, I think it was a great summer for everyone!