Friday, August 20, 2010

It's only 4th of July in Bloggerland

We arrived to La Grande on July 2. The next morning at 7 am, mom and dad's ward had a 4th of July breakfast. It was cold and only Taz and Cynjyn would get up to go with us. Tanner chose sleep (go figure).

Cynj and Taz were freezing, but the breakfast was good.

Afterwards, Taz, Grandma and I went to the farmers market. Usually, we go several times while we are in Oregon, but this would be the only trip to the market this summer. We got a lot of squash and some berries. I love the farmers market!
Sunday was the 4th. We had invited Rob and Randy and their two families for a bbq dinner. Tanner and Cynjyn helped put the table in festivity mode and it turned out quite cute.

Randy's family arrived first, so we went out to Ladd Canyon and rode 4 wheelers. Cynj rode with Trampis.

Tanner and Taz rode together. When Trey came a little later, Taz gave his 4 wheel to him and so he and I went up to the barn to see if the dead cow and calf were still in the barn ( a cow had got stuck in the milking stall earlier in the year and had perished).

The cow was gone, but we got some pictures.

After dinner, I had to get a picture with my brothers. I usually see more of my sisters when I go to Oregon, so it was nice to spend some time with them!

We got to meet my newest niece Lillian Jane for the first time. Ella is a great big sister and Cynjyn loves babies, so it was a good mix.

Since I got a picture of the girl cousins, I had to get one of the boys!

Rob and Randy left after dinner, so it was just us usuals for the fireworks. We didn't go into town, but we could see the display far away from the house, we did sparklers and some fireworks and finished late at night!

People started getting cold and tired after the sparklers,

But they made it to the end and the finale.

A cup of hot chocolate before bed hit the spot and we called it a great day!

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Carol said...

After viewing all your pictures, I feel like I really need a vacation. My life is just too boring! I had no idea you had brothers so it was nice to see pictures of them. :)