Monday, August 30, 2010

Our fishing adventure

Ky wanted Kres to go fishing. So mom and dad checked out the laws and places and decided we could go fishing. So, we headed up past the Starkey store and started driving up the road until we found the national forest which meant we weren't on private property anymore and we could fish. This is what we had to stop and slow down for. OPEN RANGE!! We found a spot where we had to hike a little ways down to. Cynjyn didn't like the job of having to hold the smelly fish bag.

Grandpa found a rock to perch on and started baiting hooks. Good thing Ky was there to help. I CAN do it, but it's not my favorite thing to do, so I let Dad and Ky handle the worms.

Tanner was a trouper to carry Beckham in the backpack. Beckham protested too, until I started handing him rocks to throw, then he was happy.

Taz found a rock and casted away.

Ella caught the first fish, but alas, it was too small and we had to throw it back in.

Kres found a spot and happily waited.

Taz is getting discouraged, he isn't even feeling a nibble.

Patient fishers, and a baby throwing rocks!!

A squeal from Kres and he catches the second fish!!

Cynjyn hasn't even touched a pole at this point and is patiently waiting her turn!

We decided to try to go down the road aways to a different fishing spot. Grandpa and Cynjyn disappeared and pretty soon, Cynjyn scored with the biggest fish of the day!! A 13 incher!

Kres and Ella take a look...they approve.

Beckham loves the fish and continues with his fish noise for the rest of the time we are there! (But he won't touch it)

Finally, Tanner gets a turn.

And he pulls one out, once again, too small to keep.

Finally Taz hooks and fish...and it's a keeper!

Ella decides to try one last time because she seems to have forgotten that she caught the first fish, and she catches a ...........CRAWDAD!!

Grandpa takes the fish down to the river to gut them. This is what Cynjyn thought of the whole process.

Kres was mesmorized by it all.

Beckham was happy to get out of his stroller,

and get to his rocks.

We left in time to go see our elk herd, but alas, they weren't there!! So I took a picture of us driving home to the light of the moon. It had been another fun adventure!!

The next morning, much to Cynjyn's horror, Grandpa had the fish for BREAKFAST!

Only Taz and I were brave enough to try a bite.

Yep, tastes like chicken!!

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gwen said...

I love reliving all of our sumer adventures! Fishing is always exciting and relaxing, but we need to invest in some new poles! We'll get some before next year! According to the game commission, we now have fish in Marley Creek, and they won't be logging there!

Krissy T. said...

I think the last time I went fishing the three T's were toddlers! Looks fun, sorry I missed it :(