Monday, August 30, 2010

Our last adventure

Our last adventure of the summer included a trip to Catherine Creek, wet kids, near drownings and chinese food. One evening, we decided to go try to cool off in the river. The kids didn't get to go in when we went to Boulder Park, so we went in search. We just went to Catherine Creek because we'd been there and knew the kids would be able to dip their feet and have some fun. Cynjyn and Ella jumped right in and wished they'd worn a swimming suit!
Taz and Trampis went in search of crawdads, that was their ultimate goal, fill their bucket!
Cynjyn and Ella got braver and braver as the evening wore on.

Tanner stuffed himself with dryer sheets and observed from a giant rock before moving onto a lawn chair.

The boys were not having much luck finding crawdads. Taz was getting very upset about this and just wanted to leave, so he entered "bad mood" mode.

The girls found a little "dam" of rocks that someone had started, so they convinced the boys to help them extend it. Taz only went out there to be in the picture, SOMEHOW, they got Tanner off his chair!!

Pretty soon, the boys started to strip down as the water got deeper and deeper.

Taz still won't relent and is searching for crawdads! No luck.

Tanner get's tired of hiking up his shorts and opts to take them off and just be in boxers much to the horror of Trampis.

We inform them that we need to leave soon and they'd better swim if they are going to. Ella has no problem giving up the dam building.

But some final pictures of their progress is a must. Taz is still in "BM" mode.

Now, are they brave enough to all go under??

First they have to go up the current a little ways, so they help each other advance upstream.

Ella goes down, but they rescue her!

They all made it!

Ella, the worst swimmer of the bunch takes off first??

Then Trampis,

Then Cynjyn,

She crashes into Trampis

Pretty soon, the three of them are floating away.

Cynjyn makes it out, but Trampis and Ella continue on into the RAPIDS!

They scream for help and Cynjyn runs along the shore and rescues them. Evening is over and everyone is hungry. Grandpa takes us all to Golden Harvest for dinner. We'd never been before and Cynjyn LOVED hers!

Tanner was impressed.

Taz got Orange Chicken and hated it because it wasn't like Panda, so I gave him some of mine and he ate his soup.

Another great evening adventure!!

Trampis and Taz had one crawdad and promptly cooked it and ate it after we got home.

Taz was so excited to try it because he was too chicken last year. This was his reaction after the first bite.

Apparently it doesn't taste like chicken!

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gwen said...

I am so sad these blogs are over. Yes, summer has come and gone. We'll look forward to next year and more adventure. . .