Thursday, August 26, 2010

A few days back in Boise

We went back to Boise for a few days in the middle of the summer. Taz really wanted to go to Roaring Springs for his bday and so we decided to invite all family and make it a summer bday event. So, Ky, Kres, Clay, me and my three kids, Krissy, Trampis, Ella and Trey went to the swimming park. It was a hot day and I didn't take many picutures, I just enjoyed hanging out with my niece and nephews. After we left the water park we went back to Ky's house where Grandma had dinner ready and Randy and Darla were there. Trey had to leave early with his Dad, so he missed the bday cake and celebration and we missed having him around!

After dinner lovin!!
Here was the big cake with everyone's name who had a July or August Bday. Actually, Darla's is September, but we put her name in the pot too!! The more the merrier right?!

Here they all are blowing out the candles. Lillian was taking Trey's spot.

Beckham and Tanner enjoying some bday cake.

The kids had fun staying at Brian and Krissy's once again and this time she had some radishes ready!! So Taz and Cynjyn became little gardeners. Harvesting...


And eating...

Neither of them really liked them too much. They are pretty spicy!

Cynjyn wanted a girls day out, so Ky, Krissy and I took her to get a pedicure and back to school shopping. Krissy and I just watched while Ky and Cynjyn got their toes done.

Cynjyn LOVED the whole process! She's such a girlie girl. She could make this a monthly habit. Too bad money doesn't grow on trees!

She even had the man paint a smiley face and peace sign on each big toe, but he didn't understand english too much and so the lady had to draw them for him on paper since he didn't know what they were. Then he painted them with a silver glittery polish and they didn't show up too well, but Cynjyn was happy with the whole process, so it didn't matter.

Here's the after shot.

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gwen said...

I missed the fun of the waterpark since I was babysitting Beckham. But we had a great time afterward!